Below Standard (or If Monty Python designed a hotel room)

We stayed in the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles over the weekend to attend my son's graduation from USC.  The above is what greeted me in the bathroom.  I guess if you are really, truly hip, you would probably understand this giant foam rubber foot in the middle of the bathroom.  I guess I have over stayed my time in hipville because I just didn't get it.  All I could think of was the opening montage of Monty Python when the giant foot crushes everything.  You can see exactly how giant this foot is from this next picture of my son sitting on it:

Oh, and the bathroom just kind of floats on one side of the room.  Nope, no doors here, so expect the maid to burst in on you while you are in the shower.  There is some floaty kind of curtain thing that is supposed to give you privacy but don't count on it.  Also figure on water spraying everywhere since there is no shower door.   

Yeah, that bed looks really super cool too, doesn't it?  All hipsters like their bed on the floor, right?  Except this isn't a bed.  It is just a boxspring...no mattress!  I guess a mattress would ruin the aesthetics of the room.  I think I have stayed in more comfortable motels than this hotel!  And the migraine inducing wallpaper is just sooo relaxing!


  1. Wow! Who recommended that place? I must be too old to truly appreciate it as well. LOL

  2. GEEEEEEEEEEZ. I didn't know it got worse than the foot. Yowch.

    You really DID miss out on my wonderful beds, although when my roomie bailed early on me (what? I showered!), I tried out her bed. I got the better one.

    Maybe that's why she bailed?

  3. Good lord! In a strange kind of way though, I kinda like it. Albeit the wallpaper would definitely have made me sick!!

    Love the foot :)

  4. Congrats on your son's graduation!
    What a strange room. Were all the rooms there that strange or was it a theme room?

  5. i kind of dig the foot, but what the hell is with that wallpaper? and the open bathroom? weird.

  6. That is quite the room! Congrats to your son! We toured USC a few years ago because we were out there and my daughter was interested in the West Coast. Didn't wind up there, but it was one of the better tours we went on when all was said and done.

  7. Very different.
    I would not like open bathrooms.


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