Puppy Profile: Ellie Mae from Reading in Appalachia

This is Ellie Mae -- isn't she adorable? Ellie Mae lives with Shawnee from Reading in Appalachia. Stop by and read some book reviews!

1. Favorite place to sleep?
In my bed, I let my owner sleep with me.
2. Favorite food?
Bacon or cookies. (shh..beggin strips and dog treats - shawnee)
3. Wet or Dry food?
4. Favorite thing to chew?
Stuffed Bunny
5. Indoors or Outdoors?
Both, unless it's raining. I don't like to get wet.
6. Favorite place to walk?
Up and down the sidewalk where other dogs have gone before me.
7. Do you have a costume for Holloween?
No way, I hate Halloween. Scary things walk by my house that night!
8. Are you embarrassed by dog outfits?
I've never been around one but in general, yes.
9. Favorite collar?
It's broken but I looked beautiful in my aqua blue patterned necklace. (shh-we tell her it's her necklace)
10. Hair cuts or the natural look?
My long natural hair.
11. Do you like baths?
That's a bad word! I will fall on the floor and not get up!
12. Favorite place to watch your territory?
In my seat on the porch.
13. What cute thing do you do for a treat?
I can jump on your chest and almost knock you over. Is that a trick?
14. What most do you like to bark at?
Anything that comes near my yard. It's my yard.
15. Cats: Take them or leave them?
Take them or eat them? Ha ha, I made joke. I don't like cats.
16. Would you chase a squirrel right now if you could?
17. What else do you like to chase?
18. If you catch something, what do you do with it?
I shake it and shake it.
19. Does going to the vet upset you?
Oh yes, they scare me.
20. Do you prefer to walk or go for a car ride?
I like to go on a short car ride if the car is going very, very slow. I do not like long rides or going fast!!

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  1. Ellie Mae is sassy! I love it even though she hates cats. :)

  2. I would really like to win a calendar. Please enter me. Thanks!!

  3. Ellie Mae is too cute! Love her sassy attitude! She would make the perfect dog friend for my dog!

    lovemykidsandbooks AT gmail DOT com


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