You can find all of my giveaways on the top right side bar.  

Most of the giveaways are limited to the USA  except where noted.  

Some states do not allow these type of giveaways. 
 It is your responsibility to know the laws in your state.  

I use Rafflecopter to power my giveaways.

Please note:
You must be over 13 years old to enter  the giveaways.. some adult books are limited to 18, per publisher request.

I do my best to insure that you receive your prize but sometimes this is out of my control.  

If you do not receive the prize within a reasonable time period (THREE weeks), you must notify me by email immediately.  I may not be able to do anything if it is a longer time period than this.
I will notify you by email when I submit your information to the publisher.
If I mail the book, I ALWAYS use delivery confirmation* and safe packaging.
I am not responsible if the book is not received or damaged in the mail.
I am not responsible if the publisher or publicist refuses to honor the prize.  
I may be forced to substitute the prize.  I will try to give you your choice of genre.  

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