Why there is not enough Xanax in the world....

OR Why the Geek Squad should never be allowed to touch computers ever again.

I knew there was something wrong right from the start when my husband insisted on taking my laptop to Best Buy (AKA Worst Buy for Repairs). I should have said no right away. Instead of something simple wrong with my computer, every day brings a new issue. Today, the touchpad doesn't work. What will it be tomorrow? I don't think I can stand it anymore. It needs to go back to Sony and be fixed right....


  1. The Geek Squad's solution to everything is wipe out the hard drive and reinstall. They wanted to do that with my desktop and would have to keep it for 3 weeks. I declined. Turned out it was bug created by adware. I downloaded a remedy and the computer was fine.

    Those people are dorks.

  2. Never Never Ever use geek squad...my new mantra....


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