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Giveaway THE MAGICIAN'S LAND by LEV GROSSMAN prize pack! @leverus Viking Press

The highly anticipated finale to Lev Grossman’s critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling Magicians trilogy is coming soon: THE MAGICIAN’S LAND, hitting stands in August from Viking, is a tale of love and redemption—the story of Quentin Coldwater as he at last grows into himself, transforms from apprentice to master, and a broken land finally becoming whole.  Old readers will devour the rich and riveting final book, and the completed arc will welcome newcomers who can binge-read the series in full.

While we don’t have any finished copies available yet for review, we do have an early promotional opportunity I would like to reach out to you about: The Magician’s Kit for giveaway!

The Magician’s Kit contains:
  • An excerpt booklet containing Chapter 1 of THE MAGICIAN’S LAND
  • Clock-face buttons in 3 different designs: click to view here
  • A set of 4 postcards featuring Magicians fan art by Christopher Shy

Additionally, I wanted to let you know that Lev Grossman’s trailer contest is wrapping up soon! If you haven’t seen this yet, anyone can submit a video of themselves to be included in a book trailer for THE MAGICIAN’S LAND alongside some famous authors: click for more information on Lev’s website.

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  1. Mary!
    We were just talking about the new book at dinner! I would be my son's favorite mom (ok, I know, I'm his only mom!) if I won! He is re-reading the first two in anticipation, now that he is home from school. They are a true favorite around here!


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