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Review THE VIOLET HOUR by WHITNEY MILLER @whitneymiller @fluxbooks

Book Description

 March 1, 2014

Some call VisionCrest the pinnacle of religious enlightenment.

Others call it a powerful cult.

For seventeen years, Harlow Wintergreen has called it her life.

As the adopted daughter of VisionCrest’s patriarch, Harlow is expected to be perfect at all times. The other Ministry teens must see her as a paragon of integrity. The world must see her as a future leader.

Despite the constant scrutiny, Harlow has managed to keep a dark and dangerous secret, even from her best friend and the boy she loves. She hears a voice in her head that seems to have a mind of its own, plaguing her with violent and bloody visions. It commands her to kill. And the urge to obey is getting harder and harder to control . . .

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my thoughts
loved it

Seventeen-year-old Harlow has been adopted by the creepy genius behind VisionCrest and is watched constantly.  Forced to be "on", she really has no one to relate to  and when the voices in her head begin to be violent, she wonders how she can keep her secret.  As VisionCrest controls more and more of the population, she would rather listen to punk rock than deal with the religion her father has created.  This corporate style religion will have you thinking seriously about some others like it.  After a series of kidnappings and now travel to Asia to promote the religion like cult, she begins to see and hear more gruesome things in what seems an alternate reality.  

Reunited with Adam, her one childhood friend and crush, she tried to keep the voice in check.  Now that Adam has returned after being kidnapped, he seems changed.  As Harlow tries to fight the voice, she becomes overwhelmed with it.  Of course, there is some perfect chemistry going on here.  The ending just brings everything together perfectly.  ARGHH -- I really want to tell all, but I don't want to ruin it for you.  Filled with a bit of graphic violence and some kissing, this should be fine for younger teens.  Fans of Gretchen McNeil and Brenna Yovanoff are going to adore this new one.  

About the Author

Whitney A. Miller (San Francisco, CA) lives in San Francisco with her husband and a struggling houseplant. When she's not having international adventures, she's dreaming or writing about them.The Violet Hour is her debut novel. Visit her online at


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  1. Nice review! This book actually sounds really good, and I will most definitely be going to check it out. I think the trailer was really cool as well :D


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