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Giveaway Interview ONE ROGUE TOO MANY by SAMANTHA GRACE @SamGraceAuthor @SourcebooksCasa

Book Description

 January 7, 2014

From the Betting Book at Brook's Gentleman's Club:

Wager: £2,000 that Lord Ellis will throw the first punch when he discovers Lord Throne is wooing a certain duke's sister.

All Bets Are Off When the Game is Love

Lady Gabrielle is thrilled when Anthony Keaton, earl of Ellis, asks for her hand in marriage. She's not so pleased when he then leaves the country and four months pass without a word. Clearly, the scoundrel has changed his mind and is too cowardly to tell her. There's nothing to do but go back on the marriage mart...

When Anthony returns to town and finds his ultimate rival has set sights on Gabby, his continual battle of one-upmanship with Sebastian Thorne ceases to be a game. Anthony is determined to win back the woman who holds his heart--but he's not expecting Gabby herself to up the stakes...


About the Author

Historical romance author Samantha Grace discovered the appeal of a great love story when she was just a young girl, thanks to Disney’s “Robin Hood”. She didn’t care that Robin Hood and Maid Marian were cartoon animals. It was her first happily-ever-after experience and she didn’t want the warm fuzzies to end. Now that Samantha is grown, she enjoys creating her own happy-endings for characters that spring from her imagination. Publisher’s Weekly describes her stories as “fresh and romantic” with subtle humor and charm. Samantha describes romance writing as the best job ever.      

Part-time hospice social worker, moonlighting author, and Pilates nut, she enjoys a happy and hectic life with her real life hero and two kids in the Midwest. 

To Connect with Samantha, you can find her at:

Samantha Grace Author | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Lady Scribes


1. What is the first book you remember reading by yourself as a child?

I think it was probably a Curious George book, but the first novel I recall reading was Charlotte’s Web. What a beautiful, sad story! I read it again with my son when he was eight and he loved it too. This book shaped my love for reading.

2. What are you reading right now?

I’m afraid I can’t share what I’m reading right now, because I’m judging the Rita Awards and I’ve promised to keep everything confidential. But I will say I have been impressed with the books I received to judge. Before the contest, I was reading Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl by Gina Lamm. I didn’t get to finish it yet, but I liked that it literally made me laugh out loud in places.

3. How does your garden grow?

I love being around people—more one-to-one than a large group—but I need quiet time to recharge. I can tell when I haven’t gotten that time because I find myself becoming impatient and overwhelmed. Walking or sitting outdoors for a while works wonders for me. That’s not so easy to do in the middle of a Wisconsin winter, however. This time of the year, I have to settle for a quiet day at home alone instead.

4. What is the last thing you Googled?

B&Bs in New Orleans! By the time I found out I could take off work for the Romantic Times Convention, the conference hotel and both overflow hotels were filled. Since my husband is going with me, I didn’t mind finding a place a little further away from the conference. I hear the trollies are fun. Plus, I love old houses and we’ll have our own balcony where we can enjoy a cup of coffee every morning.

5. What makes you cringe?

Finger nails on a chalkboard. Anyone blowing his nose in public. In a hanky. One he puts back in his pocket. Unsolicited parenting advice. Saying goodbye to someone on the telephone. I never know quite what to say.

I’m curious to know what everyone else Googled last. That’s a fun question!

I’d like to thank BookHounds for hosting me today, and I look forward to chatting with everyone.


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  1. Cool interview- unsolicited parenting advice is def cringe worthy for the people who witness it too (seeing as I do not have a child I can not empathize on that level). I am sad to read that all the hotels are booked for RT! I won't know if I can even go until a little later in this year but then finding lodgings sounds like a new headache completely! Have fun!

    Also the book sounds really good! I love love-triangle plots and this one sounds like there may be a bit of that. Can't wait to read. Congrats on the release!

    1. Thank you, Rita!
      You might have more luck with finding lodging closer to the convention. I hear there are always cancelations, but I needed a guaranteed place to stay. :)

  2. Googled last - Daniel Craig & the next Bond movie
    Favorite Butterfly - the only one I know the name of is Monarch - they are gorgeous!

    1. Hi, Di!
      I missed the favorite butterfly question. I'm not sure I know many butterflies either, but I loved the Project Runway All Star episode where they went to a butterfly house and designed a dress inspired by their butterfly pick. :)

  3. The Blue Morpho from South America is the most beautiful blue you can imagine,with black edges to the wings.

    1. Oh, wow! That is beautiful! I had to Google it. ;)

  4. The glasswing butterfly is my favorite. It's so pretty!

  5. Can't name a favorite...whichever one I'm looking at. thanks for the giveaway.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing, Nancy. I can't imagine not thinking any butterfly was beautiful. :)

  6. I don't know any butterflies other than the monarch :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. I don't have a favorite, as I like all types of butterflies. I love your books Samantha. Congratulations on the release, and on having such a beautiful cover.

  8. I apologize - my rafflecopter form didn't update. Sigh.

    1. Is that where the butterfly question came from? That's okay. We're flexible. :)

      I'm sorry I wasn't able to stop back earlier. I worked my day job and it ended up being a long day. I'm so glad to see so many people stopped by. Thanks again!

  9. i like them both romantic and rogue denise smith

  10. Replies
    1. I like that there's a hero for everyone in romance. :)

  11. Romantic is nice but I kind of like a rogue.

  12. A romantic rogue. ;-)

    Hmm last thing I Googled was the address of a hotel I had a work seminar at today. I wanted to google map it to see if there were routes I could take that didn't have flyovers that would be covered in ice.

  13. I last googled Target and layoffs... My son works at Target.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Oh, no. I hope your son's job is safe. I hate to hear about any jobs going away.

  14. Do we have to choose between a rogue and a romantic leading man? I like both!

    1. Linda,
      The great thing about romance is you can like as many kinds of heroes as you want and no one gets jealous. :)

  15. I have to admit that I am a fan of the rogue's. Love the bad boy.

  16. Rogue!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Great giveaway.
    Personally I love a Rogue with the qualities of a romantic heart.

  18. There are too many Rogues..I vote for the Romantic one.

  19. Hi Samantha!

    Rogues all the way! They do makes the best husband (and great fathers) after - once we're able to reform them!


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