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Giveaway Interview WICKED LITTLE SECRETS by SUSANNA IVES @SusannaIves @SourcebooksCasa

Book Description

 December 3, 2013
It's Not Easy Being Good...

Vivacious Vivienne Taylor has finally won her family's approval by getting engaged to the wealthy and upright John Vandergrift. But when threatened by a vicious blackmail scheme, it is to her childhood friend that Vivienne turns; the deliciously wicked Viscount Dashiell.

When Being Wicked is so Much More Exciting...

Lord Dashiell promised himself long ago that his friendship with Vivienne would be the one relationship with a woman that he wouldn't ruin. He agrees to help her just to keep the little hothead safe, but soon finds that Vivienne has grown up to be very, very dangerous to all of Dash's best intentions.


About the Author

Susanna Ives started writing when she left her job as a multimedia training developer to stay home with her family. Now she keeps busy driving her children to various classes, writing books, and maintaining websites. She often follows her husband on business trips around Europe and blogs about the misadventures of touring with children. She lives in Atlanta.

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1.What is the first book you remember reading by yourself as a child?

Dick and Jane, I’m not kidding. I was very slow learning to read and, to be honest, I memorized the book more than read it. But my four-year-old self was convinced that she could read “see Spot run. Run Spot run” and was pleased as punch.

2. What are you reading right now?

Here goes:

Emily Greenwood’s Gentlemen Prefer Mischief, Eloisa James’ When Beauty Tamed the Beast, Dennis Palumbo’s Mirror Image: A Danial Rinaldi Mystery, Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath.

3. How does your garden grow?

It doesn’t. The deer ate all the vegetables I planted. I need to remove all the borders and let the garden return to the lawn and grow tomatoes and cucumbers in containers on the deck (Can one grow cucumbers in a container? Hmm…)

(Mary -- yes you can!  I did on a tomato cage! Squash does really well like that too.)

4. What is the last thing you Googled?

I don’t remember, but it was something wholesome and intellectually stimulating, I’m sure.

5. What makes you cringe?

When someone runs their finger down a guitar or violin string.

6. Do you have a secret talent?

Supposedly, I can make some kick ass salad dressing.

7. Is there a song that really reminds you of your book?

I wrote a blog post about this topic on the Sourcebooks Casablanca Authors blog. I adore music and constantly have something playing on Spotify, Pandora, or Sirius XM. However, I was greatly distressed that none of my characters in Wicked Little Secrets had a song, not even a love song between the hero and heroine.

During the revision process, I was asked to rewrite a female character. For days, I tried to reimagine her, coming up with nothing and the deadline was approaching. Then one morning, I’m driving my kids to school and AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” came on. Suddenly, inspiration spewed forth. I cranked up the volume, dancing in the car seat, so happy. Then my kids made me turn it down.

So, the answer is AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” reminds me of my Victorian romance.

8. What was the easiest thing about writing this book?

Dialogue. I talk to myself very well.

9. Is there a word you love to use?

“Just” and “strange.” Many things in my book are just strange. And I start many sentences with “and.” And I have to go back and just delete all the strangeness.

10. Any real or imaginary pets?

I have a dog, nine gerbils, and a stray cat that comes around. The gerbils really aren’t mine but my daughter’s. She thought she had purchased two male gerbils. Turns out, she didn’t.


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  1. Mary, A tomato cage! Thank you! My husband loves making pickles with Martha Stewart's recipe. Two years ago, we have an abundance of cucumbers, but nothing recently. I've had a terrible time with squash, as well. Now I'm excited about my little container garden on the deck. Thank you for hosting me on your lovely blog.

  2. Yes, It works really well! You can invert the cage and it is more stable. My dog eats everything that is one the ground (she loves blueberries!) and I started the containers to keep her out.

  3. Hahaha. I love blueberries too! We got our dog last January. She was fenced away from the garden (unlike the deer.) I'm not sure what will happen when we move the garden to the deck. She eats the houseplants.

  4. I prefer normal. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  5. i like both weird and normal denise smith

  6. mostly normal, but a little weird sometimes can be fun too

  7. I like both but normal mostly . Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Holidays everyone.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. I like normal --- but I do believe that weird is normal.

  9. I prefer normal with a little bit of weird

  10. I think everybody has a little weird in them. That is what makes us different from the next person. If we were all the same the world would be a very boring place.

  11. Hi Susanna!
    I would say I prefer normal but my husband always says that I have a "weird" outlook on life and I'm wondering what they says about me now that the question has been asked!

    I blame it on being independent on a very young age and for "taking care" of myself for so many years before meeting my husband and settling down but he says that I obviously just have a "quirky" disposition (my grown sons would agree!".

    I've always wondered if we judge others the same way we judge ourselves!

  12. Haha...oh a little of both! :)

  13. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments (both the weird and normal ones) Have a lovely weekend!


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