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 October 8, 2013

Unlikely Friendships meets Marley and Me. In this heartwarming gift book, author Rebecca Ascher-Walsh presents a collection of inspiring dog stories and touching photos--dogs who comfort veterans, dogs who learn to surf, dogs who detect cancer, and dogs who save the day: Each one is devoted. These 38 uplifting dog stories showcase the most amazing dog rescues, accomplishments, and 
abilities that fascinate us and touch our hearts.

About the Author

is a writer who specializes in covering celebrities and lifestyles, but who also loves dogs and telling stories about amazing animals. She contributes to many newspapers and national magazines -- including Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, and the L.A. Times and is active in social media. She is a volunteer at a high-kill shelter in Manhattan and a founding director of the Deja Foundation, devoted to covering the medical care and training costs of dogs rescued from high-kill shelters. A native New Yorker, she shares her home with two rescue pit bulls, Desiree and Buddy.

Source:  Publisher
My Thoughts
Loved it

This is a wonderful book filled with heart-warming tales about dog and the people they rescue. In each little story, complete with amazing photographs of the dog, you find that sometimes the people need more rescuing than the animal.  The stories that really get to me are the ones about vets and how these dogs help them recover from PTSD.  There is such a calming effect that just having a dog around to pet and it helps people so much in stressful times.  Each dog and person had difficulties to overcome but found a way through each other.  

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