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BookHounds Review THE LIVES WE LOST by MEGAN CREWE @megancrewe @DisneyHyperion

Book Description

February 12, 2013 The Fallen World

First, the virus took Kaelyn's friends. Then, her family. Now it's taken away her home.

But she can't look back--the life she once had is gone forever.

A deadly virus has destroyed Kaelyn's small island community and spread beyond the quarantine. No one is safe. But when Kaelyn finds samples of a vaccine in her father's abandoned lab, she knows there must be someone, somewhere, who can replicate it. As Kaelyn and her friends head to the mainland, they encounter a world beyond recognition. It's not only the "friendly flu" that's a killer--there are people who will stop at nothing to get their hands on the vaccine. How much will Kaelyn risk for an unproven cure, when the search could either destroy those she loves or save the human race?

Megan Crewe's second volume in the Fallen World trilogy is an action-packed journey that explores the resilience of friendship, the ache of lost love, and Kaelyn's enduring hope in the face of the sacrifices she must make to stay alive.

About the author (from Goodreads)

Like many authors, Megan Crewe finds writing about herself much more difficult than making things up. A few definite facts: she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two cats (and does on occasion say "eh"), she tutors children and teens with special needs, and she has yet to make friends with a ghost, though she welcomes the opportunity. Her first novel, GIVE UP THE GHOST, was published by Henry Holt in 2009 and is now out in paperback. Her second novel, THE WAY WE FALL, is coming in January 2012 from Disney-Hyperion.


***spoilers if you haven't read the first book***

This second installment of The Fallen World picks right up where the first one left off.  The group of teens are trying to survive with limited resources and Kaelyn find her father's work on a vaccine for the virus that kills people within days and has decimated the world.  Leo, her boyfriend and best guy friend, Gav decide to head off the island and take the cure to the capitol in hopes that someone there can replicate it.  Her cousin, Meredith and BF, Tess decide that they must come as well.  When bombs start dropping on the island, it forces there hand to move quicker into action and leave for the mainland.  

Once outside their contained island, they find the world is in chaos.  As they travel, they come across what amounts to a war zone and as they stop looking for supplies, Meredith blurts out that they have a vaccine and that throws the group into the view of the new guy in power, Michael.  As they escape from this new threat, they find refuge in an artist colony.  There they meet up with a new kid, Justin, who is a bit trigger happy.  This does end up serving them well in the long run.  Meredith and Tess remain in safety at the colony as they travel through the devastation.   Of course, they end up not being able to find any success in the capitol and meet up with a new girl from the opposition that helps them escape again.  They now have a new destination: the CDC in Atlanta. 

AHHHH...I hate waiting.  I know it will be another year before the conclusion to the story is released.  This second installment was fast paced and well written.  For as hopeless and dire their circumstances are, the group seems to find hope in little things and Kae keeps them going  in the hope that they can actually save the world.  I really loved this one.  Parents:  there are a few kisses, some violence and lots of hardship.  This is such a great series and I love the authors writing.  I can't wait until the next one!  


  1. your review of the book was awesome and i'll put this one on my wishlist

  2. Don't know how I've missed hearing about this series but off to get the first book in the series tight now. Thanks for the headsup.


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