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BookHounds Review BODY BY YOU by MARK LAUREN @atramdom

Book Description

January 1, 2013


The ultimate get-in-shape-fast, at-home, no-equipment-required program designed especially for women—from the ultra-fit Special Operations trainer and author of 
You Are Your Own Gym

Say goodbye to long, tedious hours at the gym and boring, muscle-depleting cardio exercises. Elite trainer and fitness guru Mark Lauren is here to show you that the best—and only—equipment you need to get in shape is free and always accessible: your own body.

This quick and easy program will save you time, money, and maybe your life. In less than thirty minutes, three times a week—and with no machinery or weights—you can achieve the toned arms, flatter abs, tighter buns, and killer legs you’ve always wanted. You won’t build bulk, you’ll build strength, and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Featuring 120 different exercises in five movement categories—Pulling, Squatting, In-Line Pushing, Perpendicular Pushing and Bending—and with three ascending levels of difficulty, Body by You ensures that you’ll never get bored by the same static workout. And with such a small time commitment—less than one percent of your time every week!—it is a fun program that can be effortlessly incorporated with your work and family plans. With Mark Lauren as your motivational guide and nutritional coach, Body by You will help you meet your individual fitness goals. Ultimately, it’s not about moving through the gym with ease, it’s about moving through your life with ease—leaner, stronger, more confident, and with more energy.

About the Author
Mark Lauren is a military physical training specialist for the Special Operations community, a sought-after personal trainer to civilian men and women of all fitness levels, a triathlete, a champion Thai boxer, and the author of the internationally popular body-weight bible You Are Your Own Gym. He lives in Tampa, Florida.

Joshua Clark is the author of Heart Like Water: Surviving Katrina and Life in Its Disaster Zone, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. The founder of Light of New Orleans Publishing, he has edited such books as French Quarter Fiction; Southern Fried Divorce, Louisiana: In Words; and How You Can Kill Al Qaeda (in 3 Easy Steps). He is also a certified personal trainer, who has not set foot in a gym since Hurricane Katrina closed his fitness center.



Every January, I try to get back into shape and this year I think I found the perfect book to help me out.  I can't get to a gym and with a bad back, some exercises are just impossible for me to try.  I am now working through this program and I find that it is really easy to do.  No special equipment, no special things, just a door and some floor space to make the whole thing work.  You can make the exercise as easy as you need it to be and for anyone with injuries, it is easy to work up to doing more repetitions as the author recommends.  

I have found that my strength is increasing and I can easily work in these movements.  I really recommend that you find a very stable door - I use the fire door between my house and garage.  I was afraid that using one of the other interior doors would be too much of a strain on the hinges.  I really don't mind doing these movements and the whole program reminds of a fitness class that I took in college that had me in the best shape ever.  I really recommend this easy to use guide to getting you back into shape.  

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