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REVIEW: Whisper by Alyson Noel @mackidsbooks @alysonnoel

Book Description

This time, Riley might really have bitten off more than she’s ready for. After practically begging the Council for a more challenging Soul Catch, she is assigned an actual Roman gladiator—Theocoles, the Pillar of Doom. How is Riley, a skinny twelve-year-old, supposed to get through to him? Then she meets the beautiful Messalina, who convinces her that her only chance is to become part of this world. To accomplish this, Messalina helps Riley through a dramatic, mystical makeover, transforming her into the beautiful and mature teen she’s always wanted to be. Finally, Riley can experience her first boyfriend and her first kiss. With a dream this enchanting, will she ever want to leave?

About the Author

Alyson Noël is the author of Radiance, Shimmer, the Immortals series, and seven previous novels for St. Martin’s Press. She lives in Orange County, California.



Riley Bloom is still in the Here and Now and on a new journey to help a soul move on. In this latest installment, Riley's inner most desire almost comes true. After she dies at age twelve, she thinks she will never, ever become a teenager and reach the magical age of thirteen. After Bodhi, leads her to her next challenge, he leaves her and tells her this will be her most challenging case yet. She travels back to ancient Rome in order to help a gladiator named Theocoles move over the bridge. When she is befriended by Messalina, whose uncle owns the gladiator school where Theocoles trains, she finds her innermost wishes suddenly being fulfilled. She now looks like a teenager and actually has her first kiss! There the story takes a strange turn and Messalina forces her to relive the day that Theocoles is killed again and again. It is a wonder that Riley can escape the madness that Messalina has created.

The word whisper plays an important role in this story, where Riley again outwits the souls she is entrusted to help cross over. The world of ancient Rome is seductively described by Noel and you really feel like you are in the Coliseum cheering on the gladiators.   I am so glad I just read that this series will continue for another book.  I so enjoy Riley's adventures.  This is safe for the youngest of teens and is a series that even the most reluctant of readers will get into.  I know since I have recommend this series to several kids who say they hate to read but ask me when the next book will be out!


  • Reading level: Ages 9 and up
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Square Fish; First Edition edition (April 24, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0312641567
  • ISBN-13: 978-0312641566

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  1. I love this series. This is actually the next book on my TBR as soon as I finish The Selection (hopefully tomorrow). I'm glad you loved it!

    Karis @YA Litwit


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