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MEG-TASTIC MEG-NIFICIENT The Meg Cabot Read Along! @megcabot @WmMorrowBks @harpercollins

It’s MEG-nificent! Join the Meg Cabot Read-Along!  

Sigh....I have purchased all of the Heather Wells books and never got around to reading them. They do look pretty on my shelf but I guess I need to dust them off and dig in!

I also own most of The Boy Next Door series and...sigh.....again, never got around to reading them.

I have read The Babble series, so I do get a point for that!  

Please join me in catching up on these wonderful books!

From the Publisher:

If you, like me, you have been wondering what the amazing Heather Wells has been up to, you are in luck: the countdown to the next book, SIZE 12 AND READY TO ROCK, is upon us! The July 10th on sale date will be here before we know it and yet…I’m finding myself needing a MEG fix. So won’t you join us for THE MEG CABOT READ-ALONG! as we wind our way through a few of Meg’s most unforgettable characters from her most treasured series: Mel Fuller in The Boy Next Door,  Lizzie Nichols from the Queen of Babble series, and of course, the inimitable Heather Wells herself in the original book, Size 12 is Not Fat! Join us for this Meg-nifcent Read-Along, running from May through the publication of SIZE 12 AND READY TO ROCK on July 10, 2012, and culminating in a Book Club Girl on Air radio interview with Meg herself on July 31st!
About the “Boy” series - We'll Read The Boy Next Door
Told in emails, IMs, and brief journal entries, these loosely connected (but each also stands alone) romantic comedies will keep you laughing: "Full of clever e-mail banter and tongue-in-cheek humor, this cheeky novel should be enjoyed in one sitting" (Publishers Weekly on Boy Next Door). Have fun "devouring this fluffy, fun urban fairy tale" (Publishers Weekly on Boy Meets Girl). And be sure to follow it up with Every Boy's Got One, a "frothy concoction of love, friendship and true romance" (Publishers Weekly).
About the Queen of Babble series - We'll Read The Queen of Babble
Lizzie Nichols can't keep a secret to save her life. Now she's graduated from college and is ready to start her new life pursuing her lifelong dream of...refurbishing old wedding dresses? The only thing is, she can't seem to keep her mouth shut long enough not to screw it up...or ruin her relationship with dreamy Jean-Luc. What's a girl with a big mouth, but an equally big heart, to do? "Cabot delivers another charmer, sweet to the core" for graduates of The Princess Diaries — Publishers Weekly
About the Heather Wells series - We'll Read Size 12 is Not Fat
Heather Wells used to be a teen pop sensation...until her label dropped her for gaining a few extra pounds. Now Heather's walked out on her famous ex, moved in with his brother (but will things stay platonic with Cooper forever?), and found a job in a freshman dorm at New York College...who knew it was nicknamed Death Dorm? Check out the series that "will leave readers begging for time-outs to control sudden laughing fits" (Publishers Weekly)
As an added bonus to get you started, the e-book of Boy Next Door is $2.99 for a limited time beginning May 1, so order up today and get reading!
 The read-along officially kicks off today (but don’t worry, our first discussion won’t take place until May 22) and it runs through the publication of the brand new Heather Wells, Size 12 and Ready to Rock (on sale 7/10).We'll end the read-along at the end of July with a Book Club Girl on Air Show with Meg Cabot herself to discuss all the books in the read-along and especially Size 12 and Ready to Rock.
Here's the schedule of when I'll post questions about each book for us to discuss:
  • May 22nd—Boy Next Door discussion on Book Club Girl
  • June 12th – Queen of Babble discussion on Book Club Girl
  • July 3rd - Size 12 is Not Fat discussion on Book Club Girl
  • July 10th -Size 12 and Ready to Rock goes on sale
  • July 31st -Size 12 and Ready to Rock discussion on Book Club Girl on Air, post questions for Meg’s Book Club Girl On Air interview at 7PM
Look for updates along the way here, on Twitter (#megreadalong), and on the Book Club Girl Facebook page.


  1. Oh I love Meg Cabot! Loved Size 12 is not fat. I really think you'll like it. :)

  2. I hope you enjoy them! Another fellow blogger and I have been planning a Meg Cabot event for months now, so if you're interested in joining, check it out here:

    I've read almost all of her books and LOVED them all!

  3. @julianne - I hope so. I adored Airheads and the Babble series, but I just never got around to these. I wish I still had my book group together. I was much more organized with my reading then.

    @The Romance Bookie -- the publisher is organizing this read a long. Let me know if you want the publicist's info - send me an email at maryinhb at gmail.


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