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Put yourself on a Romance Novel Cover from Forever Romance! @foreverromance

click on the link above for the free app!


Have you always imagined yourself as the heroine of a steamy romance novel? Does your guy have a (face) made for Romance? Well Forever now has you covered! With the FOREVER YOURS app from Forever romance, you can snap pictures of your friends, family, or even your favorite pooch, and place them into Forever romance’s latest romance covers. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can share your pics with your friends.

I just downloaded this app for my iPhone and it is really fun!  Don't tell anyone but I put Schatze on one of Vicky Dreiling's covers....she will probably never speak to me again!

I am still working out the sizing stuff...but this is really fun!


  1. this is fun Mary! too bad i don't have an iPhone or an iPad or anything from Apple except iTunes on my PC lol. thanks for sharing though. c",)

  2. Hey just tagged you in a book blog.
    Questions are at my blog
    if you don't want to do it thats fine.
    On a side note, this looks so much fun, I jsut got an IPhone too, isn't that lucky. : )


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