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Grown Up Buddha

Budhha at 1 year 4 mos.
Baby Buddha
(OR Budi or Beau)

Facebook-Nikki Broadwell/The Moonstone
Twitter-Nikki Broadwell

How long have you been blogging?
It has been about a year now

Do you have a favorite genre that you blog about? 
Mostly I blog about my writing or things pertaining to writing--I've done interviews with writers about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. At the moment I 'm blogging about my book in progress, The Moonstone. In a few months I hope to have guest bloggers on various topics pertaining to things in my books, like magic, wolves and sorcery.

How many books a year do you read? 
Probably seven or eight or more depending on how fast a read it is or if I have more time. 
I read a lot of fantasy now, as well as Ann Patchett (The World of Wonder was very good), Elizabeth George, Margaret Atwood... when I was working on my book I steered away from fantasy because I was afraid of being that the trilogy is completed I am reading with abandon!

What does you dog like to do while you blog or read? 
Mostly he lies on the couch in my office and sleeps. If I get up to do something he jumps off and follows me.

What is your dog's favorite activity?
He loves going to the dog park where he searches out others to chase him or vice versa.
Buddha not only loves the dog park, he also accompanies me on forest trails where I can let him off leash...he runs ahead but I carry treats at all times so he remembers to come when he's called--most time this tactic works however there are certain things that treats cannot compete with, like squirrels and other dogs!


  1. so cool! thanks so much for including me in your blog!!! Buddha looks so cute there.

  2. Nikki's dog is adorable. Good luck with Moonstone!

  3. Buddha looks so cute and adorable!


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