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Haute Author, Cool Cat: VICKI MYRON

Vicki and Page Turner

Vicki  IS the author of Dewey's Nine Lives, Dewey, the Small Town Library Cat and several children's books based on Dewey.  

Vicki Myron was born in Spencer and grew up on a farm south of Moneta, Iowa-a town that no longer exists. Vicki graduated from Hartley Iowa High School and moved to Mankato, Minnesota where she worked, married, had a daughter and went to college. Vicki has a bachelor's degree from Mankato State and a master's from Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas. In 1982, she returned to Spencer, IA to begin working at the public library. In 1987, Vicki was named Director of Spencer Public Library and she served in that position for 25.  Vicki retired in 2007 to write the book, Dewey. She currently resides in Spencer, Iowa.  
You can find Vicki online:
Facebook:  HERE
Goodreads HERE
Web Site HERE

Do you have another book in the works? 
We are considering 3 or more new children's picture books about Dewey. Just beginning a proposal for publishers…

What are you reading right now? 
I just had eye surgery so no reading now but last book was "The Help"

How many books a year do you read? 
Depends on how much I am writing but sometimes a book a week.

What does your pet like to do while you write or read
Play under the computer or on the back of my chair to distract me.

What is your pet’s favorite activity? 
Eating catnip treats and cuddling in bed

From Mary:
I have been to the Spencer Library while visiting my father's family that still live in the area.  This was before Vicki's time, but I must say that even then, the library was pretty special and that they let me borrow books while I was visiting -- with NO library card.  Can you imagine that happening today?  I spent many summers in Iowa and one Christmas time visit there which was pretty neat since it snowed. 

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