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REVIEW: The Puppy Diaries by Jill Abramson


An instructive and marvelously entertaining chronicle of a puppy's first year, by the managing editor of The New York Times
One sparkling summer day, Jill Abramson brought home a nine-week-old golden retriever named Scout. Over the following year, as she and her husband raised their adorable new puppy, Abramson wrote a hugely popular column for The New York Times's website about the joys and challenges of training this rambunctious addition to their family. Dog-lovers from across the country inundated her with e-mails and letters, and the photos they sent in of their own dogs became the most visited photo album on the Times's site in 2009.
Now Abramson has gone far beyond the material in her column and written a detailed and deeply personal account of Scout's first year. Part memoir, part manual, part investigative report, The Puppy Diaries continues Abramson's intrepid reporting on all things canine. Along the way, she weighs in on such issues as breeders or shelters, adoption or rescue, raw diet or vegan, pack-leader gurus like Cesar Millan or positive-reinforcement advocates like Karen Pryor.
What should you expect when a new puppy enters your life? With utterly winning stories and a wealth of practical information, The Puppy Diaries provides an essential road map for navigating the first year of your dog's life.

About the Author

Jill Abramson, a bestselling and award-winning author, is the managing editor of The New York Times. An unabashed dog-lover, she has long been fascinated by the complex relationship between dogs and their owners. She, her husband, and Scout live in New York City and Connecticut.


  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Times Books (October 11, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0805093427
  • ISBN-13: 978-080509342


As any dog lover will tell you, they don't live long enough.  When Jill Abramson loses her beloved terrier, Buddy, she waits and then finds a breed she thinks will be a perfect fit.  She finds an Golden Retriever that steals her heart and brings him home. Scout is pure puppy, with quirks and needs that any dog owner forgets about when there dogs are older.  Much like children, puppies need a lot of guidance and training.  The story Abramson tells about Scout is humorous mixed with some great factual background on training and feeding a new puppy.  Her story is one that is familiar to any dog owner (or parent, for that matter!). Am I feeding my puppy the right food and teaching them the proper manners?  It is a lot of work and Abramson takes you through the ups and downs of raising a puppy.


  1. Hi there, I love books about dogs. One of my reviews was for "Shiloh" when I read that one I couldn't believe I had missed out on it for so long!
    Looking forward to reading some more of your doggy book reviews.

  2. That cover by itself should sell the book! Is is Scout or just another model?
    Sounds like a fun read. I hope she and Scout are still enjoying life together!

  3. That puppy on the cover sure tugs at my heartstrings. This sounds like a good dog book. I'll have to keep my eye out for it.


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