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Your Dog’s name and if possible a picture: Bella or Bella Boo
Social networking links Twitter: @VampyreGurlsBC

How long have you been blogging?: 
I have had a few little blogs/Live Journal pages off and on for years now. I opened VGBC back in April/May. I wish I had more time to blog daily though. I love it!

Do you have a favorite genre that you feature on your blog? 
Mostly YA, vampire books, zombie books, supernatural/horror,etc. It doesn't have to be YA or horror based though. A good book is a good book & I have found PLENTY by taking a chance & going outside of my book comfort zone :)
How many books a year do you read? 
I would say I read about 5 books a month but 60 sounds kinda low so I'd say between 60-100.
What does your dog like to do while you blog or read? 
Bella sits on the bed and stares at me,sleeps,chews on her bone. She mostly waits for me to drop crumbs from whatever I am snacking on though.
What is your dog’s favorite activity? 
Bella LOVES to eat, chew on her bone/squeeky toy, chase one of the cats, run around outside, sniff things while we walk & sleep. She can nap like a kitty! She LOVES attention. When we go on walks all of the kids yell "Bella, Bella" and she wags her tail so hard and gets so happy. It makes me happy to see the kids love Bella and her love them back.
Bella & I thank you for the interview *WOOF*

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  1. Bella & I absolutely loved this interview ツ Thank you so much. I love your blog & it was really fun to be a part of it☆♡


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