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Cool Blogs Haute Dogs: BOOK BAG LADY

 Nellie - 9 year old German Shepherd
Buddy - 2 year old Black Lab
Maggie - 1 year old Chihuahua


1. How long have you been blogging?
I just began blogging this year in February or March and I'm absolutely loving it!

2. Do you have a favourite genre that you feature on your blog?
No, I really don't have a favourite genre per say. I feature mostly literature/fiction which provides a large range of books. With the literature/fiction genre, you might end up with a story about family dysfunction, marriage, a kidnapping, an amazing journey through China etc. I didn't want to limit myself to just mysteries or memoirs or any other specific genre. I like to read a large range of stories to provide people who read my blog with an assortment of novels. If I had to pick a favourite to read it would be memoirs, autobiographies, and non-fiction.
3. How many books a year do you read?
Funny you should ask that question because I actually keep track. Not only doing I belong to Shelfari, Bookcrossing, Goodreads,WeRead, BookBrowse and a few others sites where I can record my reviews and the books I read, but I also keep a "written" list of the books and authors and number them. Currently I am reading my 154th book of this year!! I'll most likely hit the 200 mark for sure by the end of December.
4. What does your dog(s) like to do while you blog or read?
All 3 of my dogs are sleepers during that time. Nellie the German Shepherd, flakes herself out on the livingroom couch. Buddy, the Black Lab curls up on the love seat, and little Maggie, the Chihuahua lay right beside me in my chair. She thinks she's the"Princess"!
5. What is your dog's favourite activity?
Nellie's favourite activity is chasing red squirrels. We have 3 acres of land and she tires herself out chasing the red squirrels who always find some spot to sit and natter at her. This REALLY ticks her off but she's never caught one yet.
Buddy's favourite activity is running and jumping for the frisbee and boy is he good! I can't even remember a time in the past many months where he has actually missed a throw. He just goes crazy for frisbee.
Little Maggie loves to play ball. She will chase the ball, bring it back, drop it in front of you ready to go get it again and again and again. She never seems to tire of this game but she tires me out!! LOL


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