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How long have you been blogging? 
I just started blogging this past June (the 26th to be exact lol).

Do you have a favorite genre that you feature on your blog? 
No favorite genre. I read them all so I review them all. I hope my visitors and followers find books in all genres that they will enjoy. I have a couple of dog books coming up, one on Golden Retrievers that were rescued and how they touch others lives and another on Dog First Aid.

How many books a year do you read? 
I have never really kept count. I know last year it was over 100. So far this year I have made it to 100 without counting short stories/novellas. With my little guy I read 50 children's books a month. Sometimes he does reviews on them.

What does your dog like to do while you blog or read? 
She would like to sit in my lap, but seeing as she is a Black Lab that is not happening. When she stands on her hind legs she is taller than me. So she settles for laying by me, chewing a toy or bone and occasionally putting her paws on the desk to see the screen. She is my proof reader and usually does a good job with it.

What is your dog’s favorite activity? 
Running! She loves running and jumping in water like our creek. Although if it is raining she will act like we are torturing her to take her outside. She has a huge fear of rain, (doesn't have to be a storm), and small dogs.


  1. thanks for the intro to a great new site.

  2. Thank you so much for having us on the blog today! We are excited over here about it!


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