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Please welcome Jessie and her adorable dogs,  Penny and Flynn

Penny, the 1.5 year old lhasa apso poodle
Flynn, the 4 month old German Shepherd mix
 You can also find Jessie here:
Book Blogs
How long have you been blogging?
Just since this past April, but I am having a lot of fun.
Do you have a favorite genre that you feature on your blog?
I tend to feature a lot of fantasy, steampunk and YA. I love all kinds of genres so many others tend to pop up occasionally as well.
How many books a year do you read?
Between 110 and 140 a year is my typical reading output.
What do your dogs like to do while you blog or read?
Usually Penny curls right up at my feet, no matter if I am at the computer or the reading chair. Flynn will, if I am at the desk, sit on my bed and try to paw me on the chair.
What is your dog’s favorite activity?
Wrestling with each other, without a doubt. Or taking long walks while I read and walk (dangerous at times, but worth it!)


  1. Welcome to the family! Dogs are just the family members we need :)

  2. Jessie they are adorable, too cute for words and nice to meet you as it is always fun to find a blogger new-to-me who also reads different genres than I usually do so I can get book ideas. Yay for Haute dogs :-D

  3. This was such a nice/great idea. Thanks for including me :)


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