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BOOK TRAILER TUESDAY: After the Party by Lisa Jewell

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  1. Really can't wait to read this! I entered a Goodreads giveaway recently but failed to win - bah! I'm one of those people Lisa Jewell talks about who read Ralph's Party 'back in the day' (LOVED it!) and who is almost afraid to read a sequel all these years later - that book really was part of my whole early-20s-living-in-London experience, and I thoroughly identified with the characters and their lives. It will be strange to meet them now they've 'grown up' but it sounds like the sequel will actually have had them growing up in 'real time' with the original readers.

    Poking this a bit closer to the top of my TBR list. Might have to re-read Ralph's Party, too, as a 'refresher'! I sneakily downloaded a copy from the UK Kindle store last year (I now live in the US and gave away my paperback copy years ago), but have not yet got around to reading it.

    Thanks for posting this! Ralph's Party always was one of my favourite 'chick lit' books out of the original crop! :)


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