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A Note from Linda Lael Miller

Dear Friends,
It’s been a long winter, here on the Triple L in eastern Washington, and we’re all—people and critters—ready for sunshine and flowers and blue skies and green, green grass. It’s sure been a crazy year, weather-wise, all over the planet, hasn’t it?

The roses and the peony bushes in my yard are leafing out and sprouting shoots, as are the lilacs, and if I had the time, I’d probably hover over them, saying, “Grow, grow!” Soon they’ll be lovely, especially the Veteran's Honor roses I planted in honor of my dad. For those of you looking to do something special in keeping with Memorial Day weekend, I highly recommend planting a rose in honor of a serviceman. And don’t forget the families of those whose loved ones are away, serving abroad. They’re sacrificing a lot for the rest of us. Maybe cook a special dish and deliver it to one of these families, with a hug and a great big thank you?
I’m working away on a brand new book, the first in a series, and doing some traveling. As I write this I’m pulling out my fancy boots and dress western jackets to pack for Book Expo America (BEA) in New York, where I’ll get to hobnob with my publishing family. Although I’m pretty much a home body, I thoroughly enjoy this annual event, which brings all kinds of people involved in books and book publishing under one roof to look at upcoming releases and to discuss trends. I’ll be home the rest of the summer, writing and making art and enjoying my dogs, cats and horses. They’re all thriving, I’m happy to say.
I’m delighted to tell you a little about Creed’s Honor, the second book in my new trilogy, which began with A Creed in Stone Creek in March. That was the story of Steven Creed and Melissa O’Ballivan, two people who were meant for each other but had it in mind to go separate ways—little did they know... In this launch book of the trilogy I introduced Steven’s identical twin cousins, Conner and Brody. These two stubborn cowboys have been estranged for a lot of years. In Creed’s Honor, Conner has his hands full trying to keep from falling in love with Tricia McCall, who plans on shaking the dust of Lonesome Bend, Colorado, off her feet and leaving the minute she’s completed her business there. So Conner really doesn’t need trouble from his brother, too. Trouble is what Conner gets, though, and plenty of it.
Creed’s Honor goes on sale this week, May 31, and will be followed June 28 by Brody’s story, Creed’s Legacy. I hope you’ll sign on with the Creed outfit and ride this particular trail with us, because it’s going to be quite a journey, full of romance and laughter and furry four-leggers sure to win your heart.
My publisher, HQN Books, has done a mighty fine job with what’s called a widget that you’ll find on, along with a video of the three cowboys who star on the covers of this trilogy. All you have to do is click on this widget, and you can read an excerpt of Creed’s Legacy as if you were holding the book in your hands!
Happy summer, my friends!

Linda Lael Miller

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