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Now I've seen everything....Temporary Tattoos for your pet!

Ever feel the need to give your pet some temporary ink?
Well, no, me neither, but now you can!
There is a company that offers temporary tattoos for your pet!
Check it out HERE  I did see an Iron Cross that would look amazing on Schatze....


  1. Enough already! That is over the top. :O(

  2. WoW! Is all I can say who would think to buy something like that,wait a minute who would try to sell something like that?It's bad enough that we love are pets to put them in outfits they probably would rather do without.But! I guess if we can dress our (I'm pet free)I thinking people are going love putting some ink on them as well.Lol I definitely have seen it all.

  3. That one takes the cake for sure in crazy new ways to torture your poor pet, isn't it bad enough we buy them clothes and shoes they hate to wear?

    Cool find Mary and no never even want a temp (or real) tatoo on me much less my pets!


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