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GIVEAWAY & Character Interview: In the Neon by Danielle Smith (PDF E BOOK)


A True Native demon born directly from the Pit. Sent by his Superiors to pluck the world’s wicked fruit and send those souls screaming to Hell in a hand basket. In the gritty red light district of a nameless city, he will encounter his first taste of salvation.

A beauty whose seductive profession belies her intelligence and tenderness. She will capture the demon’s heart from afar, coaxing him to ignore his wicked duties, if only to be seen and felt by her. In this most unlikely of places, mortal and demon will save each other, heart and soul. But redemption is forbidden to a born servant of Hell, putting all that Faust holds dear at terrible risk…

About the Author

Danielle D. Smith was born in San Diego, California, USA. In addition to being a writer of gritty urban fantasy stories she is an accomplished fine artist and illustrator whose visual work has appeared in various public, private, and gallery exhibitions and in national publications, and has studied everything from costuming to tattooing. Dani, as she is known by many who are close to her, lives in San Diego with a large number of books, indie flicks, and documentaries. Her novels appeal to dreamers, troublemakers, dark romantics, and general escapists. She is the proud owner of a very luscious beefcake husband and several beautiful tattoos.

And Now Here is the Interview:


Today, I am pleased welcome Annie and her beloved demon lover, Faust, whose story, IN THE NEON, has just hit store shelves. I am delighted to see that they have also brought along their infant son, Erik, who has quite the personality!

DANI: Welcome, Annie and Faust. You too, Erik!

(Faust smiles shyly, nodding. Annie bounces Erik in her lap; Erik burbles and blows raspberries.)

ANNIE: Thanks, Dani. Say hi, baby!

(She takes Erik's hand and waves it. The baby wriggles in her lap, crowing happily.)

DANI: He's quite a character. He pinched my boob when I held him.

ANNIE: Yep, that's our little stinker! He loves women already.

DANI (laughing): I can tell! He's quite a flirt. Anyway, you two have quite a story to tell us! How did you two meet?

ANNIE (blushing): Faustie here was hanging around the strip club where I worked.

DANI: That was The Neon, right?

ANNIE: That's right.

DANI: Faust, when did you first see Annie? Was The Neon the club you were always in?

FAUST: No. It was my duty to drift all around the Red Light district, to capture the Master's prey. I saw Annie by accident, standing outside on her break. It was as if...a light had struck me. A light no demon is meant to see...but I have never regretted it.

(Annie sighs and leans in to kiss him. Erik, apparently unimpressed by his parent's show of affection, bounces and smirks to himself.)

DANI: that is so damn romantic.

ANNIE: Tell me about it. He snuck into my booth a little while later; I guess he'd been watching me for a while. He was only interested in talking...really talking...and drew me in from the start. We talked about books while I sat there with my bra off. (She laughs.)

DANI: Books? Really?

ANNIE: Yeah. I'm a voracious reader...I suppose you could say that I break the "stripper stereotype".

DANI: That's a good thing! What kind of books are we talking about here?

ANNIE:  Classics. The Plague, Metamorphosis, Goethe's Faust. Of course Goethe's Faust--that was, like, "insta" connection. (She winks.)

DANI: Faust, you are a True Native. Tell us what that is.

FAUST: It means that I am not Fallen. I am a demon born directly from the Pit.

DANI: So you're not a fallen angel.

FAUST (scoffing): Of course not.

ANNIE (rolling her eyes playfully): He's such an elitist.

DANI (chuckling): I can see that. Tell us about your history, Faust.

FAUST (quietly): It is not something that I am proud of. I was made to be a Collector--a demon whose sole purpose is to tempt human souls into damnation. I did that for a very, very long time.

DANI: How old are you, Faust?

FAUST (distantly): I first emerged from the flames when humans were emerging from the wilderness and gathering into villages and cities for the first time. Long, long ago, though I am not as old as some.

DANI: Fascinating. Okay, moving on. Annie, tell us a little bit about your background. You are a first generation Swede, correct?

ANNIE (very proudly): Ja, that's right. My parents came from Sweden. I was raised speaking their native tongue as well as English. I'm very proud of my heritage, and I'm going to make sure my little pojke
speaks it, too.

(She takes Erik's little hands and gently claps them together.)

ANNIE: Let's sing Dani and her nice fans a song:

Baka, baka liten kaka,rulla, rulla liten bulla,ringla, ringla liten kringla,mjöla den och pricka denoch... skjuts in i ugnen!

Bake, bake little cake; Roll, roll the little buns, Coil, curl the small pretzel, Flour it and mark it And... shove in the oven!

(Erik giggles and blows more raspberries.)

DANI (laughing): I love it! Faust, do you speak Swedish, too?

FAUST (beaming): I speak all human languages... all of my kind do.

DANI:  Annie, I have to ask you something, and I ask your forgiveness in advance if this is hurtful. Faust saved you from a rape, didn't he?

(Faust growls low in his throat.)

DANI: That's good, Annie. What happened?

ANNIE (stroking her fingers through her baby son's feathery blond hair): One of my regulars attacked me when I was leaving The Neon. Faust...came out of nowhere and...stopped the guy.

FAUST: I tore him limb from limb. Then I carried him into the night and spread his flesh across the skies.

DANI: Wow.

ANNIE: Yeah, pretty amazing. Faust scared the hell out of me, no pun intended--he was in his true form-- but he proved himself that night. I can't ever thank him enough. He's given me everything.

(Erik burbles and grabs a strand of his mother's hair in his fist, yanking; he sticks his little tongue out and it's black and forked. Annie laughs, breaking the tension.)

ANNIE: And I mean everything. This little guy is the best Valentine's gift Faustie could have ever given me. I had a dream about Erik once...only he was grown up. It' was pretty incredible.

DANI: You had a vision?

ANNIE: Yeah. Big muscles, like his papa, and lots of tattoos.

DANI: Wow! Does that bother you?

ANNIE (grinning): Nope, not at all. He's gonna be a badass. Aren't you?

(She bounces Erik in her lap, and he squeals merrily. Faust looks on, adoring.)

DANI: Faust, you must be very proud of your family.

FAUST (shyly): Yes. They have been my redemption.

DANI: That's so awesome. Thanks for joining us, guys. Happy Easter.

ANNIE: You too, hon. Thanks for having us. Say bye, bye!

(She waves Erik's floppy little hand. He squirms, hiccups, and burps up a tiny spout of flame.)

DANI (cracking up): Boy, he's a cute little devil! Bye, little guy!
Danielle D. Smith is an author and artist living in San Diego, CA. She writes dark fantasy, horror, and erotica that appeals to those readers looking for paranormal fiction outside of the mainstream. Her third book, IN THE NEON, her first novel to be fully illustrated, is now available from Solstice Publishing. Visit her online at

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