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Spring is in bloom! Stuff I will never plant again.

Yes, those are Bedelia Orchids.  I was warned that once these were planted I could never get rid of them.  I tried digging them up and moving them and now they are in two places.  They do have really pretty green leaves with white edges when their short blooming period is over.

Freesias are just gorgeous and smell divine, but they can shoot their seeds and produce bulbs rapidly.  They are everywhere, even the grass.  This is another one that becomes invasive in my climate.  They do grow where nothing else will, so that is a big plus. 

 I started out with one bulb and it has rapidly multiplied.  I think this is ipheion uniflorum, but I am not positive since it was given to me. 

And Schatze checking out my Dahlia bulb that just sprouted. This was taken shortly before she dug up something and rolled in it.  One stinky dachshund that need a bath after that.


  1. I don't plant much of anything because I live in an apartment but my dad does and he has a whole bunch of different flowers. Pretty pictures you have though.

  2. Thank you for sharing this info. I am not all that familiar with these plants and now know to be careful. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Too bad those ones are so invasive. They look beautiful! Remember how lucky you are to have those beautiful blooms already! More snow today, but it was nothing, barely two inches!!

  4. That happened to me with my tiger lilies. But I did love them. Then Rocco came along and trampled them. Now I miss them.


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