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Read an E Book Week! Now easier thanks to Sourcebooks!

This week just so happens to be Read an eBook Week, and Sourcebooks has a great variety of titles available for FREE so you can get a jumpstart on celebrating eBooks.

A listing of the ebook deals on the Sourcebooks site can be found here:. You can also sign up for  the eBook deals newsletter!

PROMOTION: Read an eBook Week! FREE (03/06/2011 – 03/12/2011)

Title: The Highest Stakes
Digital List Price: $15.99
Category: Fiction
Print ISBN: 9781402236426
PDF ISBN: 9781402236433
EPUB ISBN: 9781402249877

Historical fiction featuring the exciting origins of horse racing in England and the American colonies.
·         Published in time for the Kentucky Derby
·         A strong romantic element makes the story accessible and emotional
·         Horses are a topic of almost universal appeal and horseracing is a sport enjoyed by millions—the origins of the sport are little known and dramatic

Title: The Immigrants
Digital List Price: $15.99
Category: Fiction
Print ISBN: 9781402237911
PDF ISBN: 9781402237966
EPUB ISBN: 9781402247026

“A most wonderful book,” the Los Angeles Times.
“Emotional, exciting and entertaining” the Philadelphia Inquirer
·         A major New York Times bestseller, with over 2.5 million copies in print
·         The Immigrants was widely acclaimed and was turned into a movie
·         A big repackage for widely known, brand-name author Howard Fast

Title: The Wild Sight
Digital List Price: $6.99
Category: Romance
Print ISBN: 9781402213946
PDF ISBN: 9781402220906
EPUB ISBN: 9781402236778

Romantic suspense with a paranormal element, set in the mystical Irish countryside.
·         Romantic suspense is the #2 romance subgenre
·         The Ireland location is very popular

Title: The Best Little Stories from the Civil War
Digital List Price: $18.99
Category: History
Print ISBN: 9781402239106
PDF ISBN: 9781402239168
EPUB ISBN: 9781402247101

A collection of more than 100 true stories from the men and women of the blue and gray, this truly unique approach will capture the attention of history enthusiasts and civil war buffs alike.
·         Now revised and updated, featuring new packaging
·         First edition sold over 16,500 units
·         Civil War is a strong category on the history shelf and human interest angle is a unique hook for the category


  1. Thanks. Quite a variety, which is nice.

  2. @Julia
    They work on NOOK! I think if you go to NookBooks, they should pop up by searching for the author's name or title. I know I downloaded a few when they had the Austen party.

  3. Got a couple! :) Still trying to figure out Immigrants, says it's not available as a nookbook, but maybe I can try to do it via another site, like kobo? Have a great day! Supposed to hit 40 here today!

  4. Hey HoldenJ,

    You can download the Immigrants from Sourcebooks, BooksOnBoard, and BooksAMillion for free and you should still be able to read them on your Nook. Just make sure you have an Adobe account.

  5. Downloaded Immigrants right from Sourcebooks. It was good practice, very much like the process of downloading from the library! Thanks again for the tips and info!

  6. I haven't gotten an e-reader yet. I love the look and feel of old school books. I'm awfully tempted by the iPad though. Would love to hear from users of e-readers about the pros and cons of their readers.


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