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All month long, I will be posting about memoirs and autobiographies.  You know I will have to throw in a few celebrity ones since they are a guilty pleasure!

I will have quite a few to give away as well!


  1. Yahoo!!! I'm always looking for a good Celb memoir to read! What a great idea Mary! Have I told you lately that I miss chatting with you!


  2. really cool idea! I love memoirs and ten to read about 5 every month. I look forward to your reviews. I have a few I'm excited to read in march myself.

  3. I love, love, love memoirs!!! I can't wait to read your reviews. Do you have the memoirs in mind that you're going to read already or are you just gonna fly by the seat o' your pants??

  4. This sounds terrific Mary! I love memoirs! I can't wait to see what you come up with this month.

  5. I have a few interviews planned, some giveaways and some that I will pick as I go!

    @Andi -- Miss the group as well, but I have had the flu or something and I am just now starting to get on top of things again.

  6. I look forward to what you choose and the reviews.

  7. I think memoirs are cool! Looking forward to your reviews!


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