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Blog Hop Giveaways - Things that are ticking me off.


1. Word Verification

Seriously, you probably don't need this any more with blogger.  If you turn on comment moderation, it will capture virtually all of your spam.  You can even set it so any comment made by "anonymous" will go straight to spam.  Check that little spam folder one a day, once a week, or never, but don't make me enter those stupid smashed together words anymore.

I have an old laptop, the keys stick and yes, it sucks, but it is best I can do right now.  AND I can't read some of those stupid words smashed together.  If I am trying to go through 100 blogs in a day and have to hit reload to get a word I can read, that takes a lot of time.  I don't have a lot, so I move on to the next blog.

2. Comment Moderation

Seriously, do you need comment moderation AND word verification?  See above.  My computer takes forever to load and then I can't remember if I posted a comment or what by the time I enter the word verification.  I don't mind this one as much, but pick one or the other, just remember if you use word verification, I will skip it.

3.  Facebook

My Facebook account is for my friends and family.  I don't want to be bombarded there with blogging notes, that is why I have google reader.  PLEASE don't make it a condition of your giveaway for me to "friend" or "like" you on Facebook.  I love friending / liking authors, publishers and people.  I have tried to set up a separate account to do this, but alas, I have failed.  If anyone can tell me how to do this, please email me at

4. Commenting

Don't make me write what my life plan is for the next five years to enter your giveaway.  (I admit, this is a little snarky on my part.)  Please consider how many blogs are involved in these hops.  With my terrible keyboard, it takes me 10 minutes to type anything over 5 words.  Keep It Simple. I don't mind asking what book I really want or what I am reading right now, but come on, asking me anything more is hard for my little brain and stupid laptop.

5. Adding up my entries.

Seriously, I need a calculator to add anything these days.  If you are using google forms, you can put a note on the spread sheet that will help you, the host, add these up.  Again, this is a time thing and after 100 blogs, my brain isn't functioning (well, it doesn't much anyway) and adding up those extra entries aren't worth it for me. I will always pick "one".

5.  Following on GFC

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE -- put your GFC someplace easy for the eye sight impaired and muddle-brained to find.  I spent more time looking for the stupid GFC log in than anything else.  I LOVE GFC and I wish the world ran on it.

6. My Address

Please don't ask me for my address.  I don't like giving it out any more than necessary.  I always email my winners for their addresses and I let them know when I have sent out the prize or submitted their information to the publisher.  I mean, if I can do that anyone can!  I have no problem in checking back to see if I have won a contest I entered.   I entered one contest where the addresses were shown on the blog.

Finally, why isn't everyone using Google Forms?  Go HERE for instructions. They make entry so nice and easy.  It also makes picking a winner easy as well.

I have a sample entry form that anyone can use posted HERE -- just copy, rename the form, and use it.  You can also modify it.  Again, feel free to email me at if you need help.

There, I feel better.


  1. I enter lots of giveaways and agree with everything you just wrote, except the part about using Google forms. Personally, I just about won't enter a giveaway if I have no idea what my odds will be!

  2. I agree with all of these - especially the word verification AND moderation - no point!!! And I HATE counting up my entries....

  3. I also enter alot of giveaways and I agree with you. I have spent more time than I should just trying to find the email subscriber link, or twitter at times, etc.
    I also would like to have a facebook page for contest and not on my family and friends. Many times I have just not entered and when the page is dark It is sooo hard to read with my old eyes I have deleted some of them and may go ahead and delete all with the hard to read pages. If I had a 24 inch monitor I might be able to read them. lol
    Thanks for your honesty on how you feel.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  4. @ Liz

    I know there is a way to make the google documents public, but a lot of people don't want there email published. I tried to enter one contest that required an address and the info was all PUBLIC when you clicked on the document link -- I skipped that one.

    I am going to research that point a little bit more. I will try to open the info to the public, maybe showing just how many entries there are.

  5. LOL! I love the pic!
    And I take it you are in a snarky mood?:)) I have to agree with you though. People should keep it simple around here. I have a slow laptop too and I'm not famous for my patience.
    So...umm... would you mind if I wrote a post on my blog sending to your post here? Because I found those things kind of annoying too and I'm glad someone pointed them out. People should know.


  6. @ Deea -- yeah, I was in the middle of a snit. Go for it! Link away!
    I will save the music and blinkies on blogs for another day.

    @ Liz -- I just checked and it is all or nothing. I did think of an easy solution. I can try and post a daily comment with the entries on a given contest. That information is easy to give out if you email the blog owner. Some books have better turn out than others.

  7. Oh, I have a vent to add about those blog hop giveaways. Do you mind if I tack it on here?

    If you're hosting a blog hop giveaway, please actually send the prizes!!

    I won a $50 Amazon gift card from the Holiday blog hop in December and the blogger never followed through with it. I was so bummed. :(

  8. I was just thinking about how much I hated word verification yesterday... I went to make sure that my blog had it turned off (Didn't want to be that guy)

    Well said.

  9. I agree 100% with everything you said! I love entering contests using forms, it's so easy. I don't have alot of time either, and if I have to jump thru all kinds of hoops, I just go to the next blog!!

  10. So true, Mary! Thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking!

  11. Thanks for the sample entry form. I am new to these blog hop giveaways and didn't have time to figure out how to use a form for this one. With your sample and the instruction link, I should be able to next time!

  12. Yeah, I hate jumping through hoops that's why I want you to follow me and give me your email address so I can let you know you won. That's all I'll ever want.

    Heather R.

  13. Ok, done! Thanks!:D Now let's hope people will pay attention.

    Oh, and I'm not a fan of the music on blog either. Because I always have my own music on the background, I open more tabs in my browser time and by the time I figure out where the extra music is coming from to my ears are bleeding.

    Oh well... They can't be all perfect.:)


  14. Although I do feel asking for mailing address for entrants is a bit too much, and after awhile word verification does annoying but I'm ok with it. I mean the host willing to spend money for us! If they want to add more rules I'm fine with it. If I don't like the rules, I'm not joining it, just as simple as that.
    I do understand your meaning n posting this but really, its a giveaway, it's up to the host why they prefer to host it with certain rules.

  15. YES! I enter way fewer contests these days because I have to do 20 things to enter - forget it!

  16. @ Lynossa -- it is a catch 22 -- really. In order to get those free books from the publishers, you have to have readers. I want people to come back to my blog and enter those contests. I spend a lot of money on postage and don't ask anyone to do anything I wouldn't do myself. I am just frustrated because being part of a blog hop is visiting each blog. I don't want to turn people off from coming back here.

  17. You know what bugs me? When the contest host offers 5 extra entries, and wants all of those entries in separate comments. Seriously, WHY?!

  18. Yes, I understood. That's why usually in giveaway hop, the host recommend to keep the rules simple, and I know the purpose of giveaways is to attract readers and add followers (most of the time), but like the google form, some people prefer to do it in comment instead of using form. I prefer form but if that's their preference I'm okay with it. It just small discomfort compare to the chance of winning an interesting book.

  19. AMEN SISTER PREACH IT!!! LOL I totally agree with you, though I don't mind commenting cause I like when people comment on my but all that other stuff especially the word verification thing just drives me crazy.

    I still am not through all the hop blogs and wondering if I will finish cause I am just plain tired of going through all the blogs besides I probably won't win anything I haven't one on any of the hops I have filled out for..I am jinxed that way...LOL

  20. Comment vs google form:

    A lot of bloggers have their comments numbered which makes it a snap to pick a winner using

    I do the same thing with google forms. I just count down the extra entries.

  21. Yes yes yes!! I only hope the offenders will read your vent... These things drive me nuts too, especially on a hop! The address thing is the worst. I will only disclose my mailing address to people if I win. If that means that they'll choose someone else, so be it.

  22. I agree wholeheartedly. I have 2 questions tho. How can you figure out if you already entered on someone's form? (I love the forms but sometimes I am forgetful) And, why does GFC not always keep you logged in on each blog you follow? Some it does and some not so much.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  23. @ Linda
    Good question. I don't know why google is so inconsistent. Maybe it has to do with how you initially sign in?
    I just let people know that it is not a problem if they enter twice. I just delete the second entry since it is quite easy. Although I do have one person that enters daily that way LOL.

  24. Actually I've tried to do it w/o word verification and blogger is terrible at getting those spam bots from posting. However, I might try it again and see how it goes. Perhaps they have upgraded. :)

    I do agree about the address thing. I hate it as well. I don't like it hanging around in a database that can easily be broken into!

  25. Here's some help for those stuck keys, if you are interested: first turn the keyboard upside down and bang out all of the dust and stuff that slipped in past the keys. Then spray the keyboard with WD-40 and wipe off the keys quickly so you don't lose the letters and numbers on them. Hope this helps!

  26. Get rid of word verification and approval and I'm fine with the rest. And I do so understand your need to vent! We all need to do that on occasion.

  27. Some fair commments. I agree with all of these.

  28. Thank you for stating what I believe a lot of us are thinking. I don't enter a lot of these giveaways because of these requests. I don't use Twitter and so many times I'll go to enter a giveaway and see someone or actually quite a few entrants who have what seems to be a million entries. How do I compete with that ? It's just simply not worth it for me.
    Carol L

  29. While I certainly appreciate the time/effort/cost involved in these blog hops or any other giveaway, I completely loathe when there about about 10 zillion ways to get entrys!

    With that said, I do wish MORE people would adhere to the old adage:
    KISS (or Keep It Simple Stupid) lol

    Because sometimes I am both forgetful AND stupid ;D

  30. +JMJ+

    I very recently came across another discussion which was sparked by someone asking, "Why don't I get as many people entering my contests as other bloggers do?"

    A lot of people pitched in with suggestions--and indeed there are lots of factors--but my favourite was the general observation that a free book is never actually a free book. And if the "price" is higher than what one wants to pay, then one doesn't try to win it.

    Still, I think it's a reasonable exchange--and incidentally, I'm one person who enjoys doing it. (LOL!) If a blogger wants me to "pay" for a prize by becoming a follower, liking on Facebook, linking to the contest on my sidebar, answering a question about myself, etc., then I play along. It's his game and his rules, after all.

    But I also think that if enough people grow turned off by all these hoops we have to jump through, giveaway hosts will figure it out and cut back on all these requirements and extra entries. I'm not seeing a trend in that direction, though, so I guess the majority is okay with the way things are.

  31. LoL - love this post :) And yes, I hate those word verification thingies too!

  32. I will agree with you about adding up the entries, liking on Fb, making us like other people on FB and becoming Twitter freinds is another thing that I don't want to do just to enter a contest. if I ahve to do any of those things, I won't enter it and will move on to another blog.

    I turned my word verification off for a while and was hit by more than 300 spam in one month! So I turned it back on and now I dont get any.

  33. Thank you, thank you! I agree on all points! Really, what's the point of getting more or less entries because you spend the time doing things that will simply be undone after the fact :) I'm running my first contest and was afraid to try the Google forms but I promised myself that I would the next time....thanks for the link :)

  34. lol I so love you. I love entering giveaways. I find it to be fun and I love getting things in the mail. I've found a lot of authors that I may not have ever read otherwise.

    But yes the having to jump through hoops that's taken hold on a lot of blogs is really frustrating.

    I also don't like that twitter accounts are now a must for entry in a lot of giveaways. I mean that really screws a person like me over who has no twitter account nor wants to get one.

  35. l felt the same way and tried to make my giveaway quick and easy!
    I hate having to read paragraphs after paragraphs to understand the rules and also spending ages to look for GFC!

  36. I agree with you on all of these points. I haven't used word verification since my first contest and that was because I din't know how to turn it off yet. I've only used GFC follower as a condition for entering my contests twice now, and I felt extremely guilty both times so the last contest will be the last time I make that a condition. I've alsways liked the KISS formula and have tried to follow it. Good for you for just saying what a lot of people were feeling!!!!

  37. You, my dear, are absolutely correct! I agree completely! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  38. I enter a lot of giveaways too and I love the forms, they are so easy. I have gotten used to Twitter but have run into times when Twitter is down and that is aggravating. I really don't like posting of Facebook. I consider it for my family and friends, who wants to go to my Facebook page if it is all full of what contests that I entered. I would love to have all that is required like GFC on the same page as the contest. I have started some contests, going from page to page and never finding the GFC thingy. Also, if a person wants to be followed on Twitter, it would be good to have the Twitter bird icon. This morning I was entering a contest and tried following by the name the blog but nothing there. Finally,I clicked at the top and got properties and then was able to follow on Twitter. No one should have to do that.

    Thanks for the venting session.


  39. I sooo agree with you. I don't bother if it's too complicated. And, I practice what I preach. My giveaways are straight forward, either leave a comment, if it's one I'm not "advertising", or the google form for the big hops. Followers usually get an extra entry.

    And about Facebook... I set up a 'fan' page and push my feed to it. If someone clicks to follow me or 'like' me on facebook they are NOT my friend on my personal page and don't show up there. They also cannot see my personal page and I don't see theirs. They get new blog posts pushed to their wall. Personally I prefer to use the google reader but I offer many ways to follow and never require any particular one for an entry.

  40. thanks LOL I so hate those 'words' that are not words and my brain wants to automatically spell them correctly

  41. You are so on with your comments! Keep them coming!

  42. I personally don't do google docs...but I know Alicia (my co-blogger does). HOWEVER, I do agree that people should pick either moderation or word verification...having both never made sense to me.

    -Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

  43. WOW!! You nailed it! It's like you read my mind, and the mind of many!

  44. Vents duly noted, LOL! I just turned off my word verification because you're right- no need for it anymore. Thanks for the reminder! My biggest pet peeve is when there are millions of complicated entries available. I'm all for bonus entries, and include 2 with most of my contests, but more than that (or +5 for this, +2 for that) annoys the heck out of me. Usually I won't even bother to enter those. As for the forms, thanks for the information this morning. I'm hoping to use one for my next giveaway!

  45. I think the things that are bugging you bug many, that's for sure! I know what you mean about word verification, our computer doesn't load completely sometimes, so there won't be any letters unless I refresh the page a couple times.


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