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New Kindle Giveaway from Scott Nicholson

From Scott Nicholson at Haunted Computer - click on the link for details!

20 Free Kindles!!! (eighteen exclamation points)

As of today, Oct. 2, I have sixteen ebooks live for the Kindle on Amazon.

As previously announced, I am giving away a Kindle DX through my 90-day blog tour and a Kindle 3 to a randomly selected newsletter subscriber, as well as the Pandora's Box of 100+ free ebooks to a Twitter follower.

And I was going to throw in a bonus Kindle if any book cracked the Top 100 on Amazon. Now I am upping the stakes: I will give away one free Kindle 3 for EACH of my books that cracks the Top 100 during the tour, in either the US or UK Kindle stores.

Scott Nicholson is such a wonderful guy, help him out, buy his books and maybe win a Kindle!

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