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Yeah, you know the Cynthia Roberts Tour with the 5 grand prizes where I was supposed to pick 5 finalists?  Well due to a computer issue this morning, I was unable to submit my finalists and missed the cutoff time , which to be honest I thought I had till the end of the day to send in.   I did go to the library after I lost my internet here, but they now block blog postings on their computers, so anyways, I will pick one winner tomorrow and they can pick from my list of read books as a consolation prize. In the future, I will no longer participate in these types of giveaways unless I am certain I have 24 hours to submit my winners.   I thought the contest ended at midnight my time (Pacific) and since I am way behind the rest of the country, it is just too hard for me to get all of my stuff together by a central or east coast deadlines.  This wasn't intentional on my part, but things happen and this isn't something I get paid for.  I don't know of any of the book bloggers who actually make a profit on their blog.  I do this for fun and to meet other book lovers.  This is so not fun and I feel really bad about not being able to submit my finalists.   I know no one wants to hear excuses, but electronics and me aren't exactly agreeing lately.  And there, I have officially ranted myself out, something I rarely do in public. 

I will have the rest of the winners posted for all of the contests that ended yesterday up as well...sorry for the delay. 

On the bright side, my son now has a new laptop with a working internet port and screen!  TGIF! 

So, here is what is coming up tomorrow:
Winners for Top Commentator and September Mystery Books!
A Nice post about Sunday's OC Children's Book Fest.

Oh, Susan, if you are reading this out in the middle of nowhere, I can post on win a book tomorrow. 


  1. Mary - Please don't worry about this. Stuff happens! You run so many giveaways and spend so much time on this blog so that others can enjoy it. I don't know how you and other book bloggers do it.

  2. Thanks Bethie -- technology is really knocking me down latley. I should have everything up and running tomorrow;

  3. Echoing Bethie, life happens! I would never want this to become a chore you worry about, it's a lot to coordinate sometimes. I hope your son enjoys his new laptop!

  4. things happen, so hopefully others will understand. I have just started doing tours, but i get them off book blogs ning and i have yet to see a I hope I have not missed something. I might want to go check that out!

  5. Please. I go camping to get away from the electronics.

    But thanks for covering at Win a Book. I should be back in the saddle on Monday.


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