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Book Review of “The Stone Traveler” by Author Kathi Oram Peterson

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The Stone Traveler begins in ancient America 33 AD. Sabirah is a 19-year-old Lamanite warrior who has her own army. She is respected by her men and is a great leader. She is watching and waiting for a man who is a traitor to her people. He must be stopped and she has a plan how to capture him. At this time, there is much turmoil between the believers and nonbelievers. Her followers, the men who joined her army, are believers of God and will fight for their rights.
Sabirah is described as an Amazon Warrior Woman: “flawless dark complexion; long, shiny, ebony hair hanging freely about her shoulders as if it were black water pouring over her skin; and mesmerizing doe-like eyes. A leather tunic clung to her shapely form. Hanging around her neck from a leather strap was a small jade carving of a wing-spread eagle…a white dagger beneath her waistband…a spear in one hand and a sword in the other.”

Linda Weaver Clarke: Book Review for “The Stone Traveler” by Author Kathi Oram Peterson

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