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BlogFest -- WOW -- what a fun event!

I had more fun than a barrel full of dachshunds!  I had 358 entries to my giveaway and I will have a winner later today when I add in all of the extra tweet/post entries.  I visited all of the stops and found some amazing new blogs.  I didn't enter all of them though.  I used Google documents for my giveaway and loved it when other bloggers used it as well, since the entry was quick and easy.  I may start using this for all of my contests.

I dreaded those giveaways that wanted to ask you a bunch of questions or were so complicated that you has to read every word.  I skipped those.  Also, I don't like to give out my address unless I have won something.  There was one giveaway that wanted to know my birthday!  OK, that birthday date with my address and real name is a giant DANGER sign to me. All I could think of was that wouldn't be good for this information to be floating around on someone else's computer.  I delete all of my winner's giveaway information after six weeks since that is about the time it takes for a publisher to send out a book. 

Thanks so much to Cinnamon at A Journey of Books.  This was the most organized event I have ever participated in! 


  1. I didn't even think about the info part when I was entering the contests :( It was my first Blogfest and I was so excited about entering those contests. Lesson learned, that's for sure.
    Thank you for your giveaway :)

  2. Yes I extra love them who used Google Doc for the giveaways! I hate having to leave a different comment for each entry, especially on wordpress, they have this spam-detection thing probably. I also don't like super-troublesome entries, or confusing ones.

    It took me one whole day to enter only those giveaways that interested me, and I don't think I entered that much, since a lot weren't international, and a lot prizes are not my cup of tea.

    Cause', just my luck, it just so happened to be the day my internet provider decided to torture its users. I was so bored waiting for the pages to load, I went to disturbed my friends, lolol.

  3. You're so right about the contest forms asking for your address - there's no need of it unless you win. Anything on the internet that asks for a birth date, i just make one up. I'd never give anyone my real birthday. One thing that would have been very helpful is Mr. Linky so you would have numbered sites and saying what the prize is would have been appreciated too. Maybe next time!

  4. i skip all of the ones that ask for an address too, or sometimes i just write "will provide if i win" in the box.

    i missed the birthday one!! Strange for sure!


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