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DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: Happy Tails Books

I have been been posting little love notes here and there about Kyla and Happy Tails Books.  They put together wonderful books that will touch any dog lover's heart.  Of course, my favorite books is
"Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Dachshunds" . Here is a bit from the book:

About Dachshunds:
  • Of German, French and English descent
  • Available in smooth, wire-haired, and long-haired varieties
  • Elongated body with short legs
  • Miniatures weigh 11 lbs. and under, standard Dachshunds weight between 16-32 lbs.
Why People Love Dachshunds:
  • Shiny, sleek coat makes for easy grooming
  • Friendly, playful, and lively
  • Have big personalities
  • Loyal and devoted to their owners
Why Dachshunds Can Be Challenging:
  • Can be stubborn and difficult to train
  • Tend to have a loud bark
  • Can be prone to seperation anxiety
  • Require lots of attention
  • Don't particularly do well with strangers
  • Known to become overweight and lazy if not exercised properly
  • Frequently suffer from back injuries and genetic diseases
Other Facts and Tips About Dachshunds:
  • The AKC recognizes a wide variety of colors and markings for Dachshunds
  • The word "dachshund" translates in German to "badger dog"
  • Mummified dachshund-like dogs have been found at ancient Egyptian burial sites
  • Long life expectancy (12-15 years)
  • The litter size is usually 3-4 puppies
  • AKC group: Hound

There are a variety of breeds featured in the Lost Souls: Found series:

Be sure to go directly to order any of the HAPPY TAILS BOOKS since a portion of their sales goes to help rescue efforts.  They also feature wonderful stories that you can read  from Kyla in her blog HERE

COMING SOON: Want more breeds? We're working on books about Cocker Spaniels, cats, assistance dogs, Huskies, Yorkies, Rottweilers, Basset Hounds, Schnauzers, Border Collies, and mixed-breed dogs. We are still accepting stories for these books. Be sure you're signed up for our mailing list to find out more!


  1. Thanks for the love notes! We love your blog right back! :)

    Here's one of my favorite excerpts from that book:
    "As I reentered the kitchen, I saw everyone huddled around Wilbur, just staring at him. It turns out he found a 6-pack of Jell-O® in the back of the fridge, climbed in, and pulled out the treasure. There he stood in the middle of the kitchen, removing the foil tops from each container and then passing them out like an ice cream truck driver passes out ice cream. Delilah and Bully were already enjoying their treats while my other two Doxies waited patiently in line. For a second I thought that Wilbur was going to turn around and ask them for twenty-five cents!” - Helen LaBuda

    We've got some great new books out, too. I especially recommend checking out "Dog Blessed!"

  2. That's really cool! Thanks for the info.


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