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DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: Author Kristan Higgins

Author Kristin Higgins pays special attention to dogs in the majority of her books! Well, there is one book that features a cat, but we will just ignore that one for now.  I have copied the below information from her website:

I am also impressed that Kristin is in love with Derek Jeter, I mean -- seriously, that guy is perfect and as my son says he is such a good player that we will even forgive him the Mariah Carey thing. And well, nothing says summer like baseball. 

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About the Author ~
Hello! I’m flattered that you clicked the button. If you clicked by mistake,
well, hello anyway.
I live in a small Connecticut town with a beautiful library, a great agricultural fair,
nice people and not much else. I have two lovely, entertaining children and a
brave firefighter for a husband, who is, perhaps more importantly, a fantastic cook.
Digger from Fools Rush In is inspired my very own Digger, our cheerful Lab mutt.
We also have two cats and grieve for an occasional, short-lived beta fish.  
I worked as a copywriter until I had kids and started writing fiction when my children
graced my life with simultaneous afternoon naps. Writing, I surmised, was infinitely
more satisfying than folding laundry, and so I started my first novel. Before long,
I had finished Stalking Joe, whose title was later changed to Fools Rush In, and
have been writing ever since. Catch of the Day and Too Good To Be True both
received the huge honor of winning the Romance Writers of America RITA Award,
which is the Oscar of romance writing. Can't tell you how thrilling that was!
I love to write books about relationships, since the search for love and security is one
of the driving forces of life. My characters are regular people, folks like us, and I hope
to give them a big, memorable love story rich with family, pets, food and laughter.
When I’m not writing, I like to be with my kids, goof around with my husband, read,
watch baseball, ride my bike and bake. I suffer from chronic bedhead and an unhealthy
(and completely understandable) obsession with Derek Jeter, shortstop for the New York Yankees. Like Millie Barnes, I run, which provides the neighbors with some real
We spend as much time as possible at our family home on Cape Cod, swimming in the
Atlantic, shivering on the beach, swatting horseflies and watching fish evade my lure at
Higgins Pond. It’s as close to heaven as it gets.
About the Dogs –
    Let's face it . . . you think the dogs are more interesting, don't you? I understand completely.
    Digger from FOOLS RUSH IN is named for and based on my dear doggy Digger. He is a black lab mutt, as friendly and dopey and sweet as a Lab can be, a great friend to my kids and a father figure to our cats, Hyacinth and Cinnamon.

   Colonel from CATCH OF THE DAY is based on a special dog in my life, Brendan. I adopted Brennie from a dog pound and gave him to my mom just after my father had died. He proved to be one of the world's great dogs, as gentle and sensitive as Maggie's Colonel.
   My mom's dog, Derry (named for Derek Jeter), is a frequent guest at our house and Digger's best friend. She is a lovely, not-very-bright dog with a crush on my husband. Her only flaw is that she likes to stand in the road and wag at passing cars.

   In TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, we have Angus, a very naughty West Highland terrier with a penchant for destruction. And in THE NEXT BEST THING, I finally have a cat. Fat Mikey. It's a blatant suck-up move to my own cats, and it doesn't seem to be working, but there it is. There are two dogs in ALL I EVER WANTED: Bowie, a Husky mutt, and Angie, a very well-mannered Irish Setter. We had Irish Setters growing up, and they're so beautiful. I was thrilled when my publisher put one on the cover. Pretty pup, don't you think? Look for a Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix in MY ONE & ONLY, the next book in the

The Real Digger

Sir Brendan Braveheart
(he came with that name, I swear)

Derry Bernadette, Yankees Fan


  1. Glad to see they make an appearance on all the covers too!

  2. All the books sound interesting to read. I'll have to check the library shelves!


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