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Weekly Giveaway @ Linda Weaver Clarke

Linda Weaver Clarke interviews Author Julie Coulter Bellon – International Suspense Novelist! Book Give-Away July 5 - 12: for those interested in Dangerous Connections, visit and leave a comment about this interview with your e-mail. You may also choose her first book, All’s Fair. U.S. and Canada only.
Dangerous Connections is a heart-pounding spy novel, with a lot of intrigue, danger, and of course, romance. It is set in Paris France and it picks up the story of Tyler Winthrop, one of the doctors who was serving in Iraq in All’s Fair. Tyler has finished his tour of duty and is heading to Paris to meet his father for a little down time. Unfortunately, when he gets there, some mysterious things start happening to him, and he realizes his father has been kidnapped. He tries to find him, and becomes involved in some international espionage as he gets caught up with a French spy named Isabella Floret who seems to have a few mysterious secrets of her own. You won’t be able to put this one down!

Linda Weaver Clarke

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