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Ranger versus Morelli



If you are a fan of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, the cast was announced for the big screen version of One for the Money a little while ago.  My book group always had intense debates about who would be perfect players for each character.  I think the picks for Morelli and Ranger look pretty good.  



  1. LOL It's not how I pictured either of them, but it makes me want Ranger even more! :D Get rid of Joe!!!

  2. I'm a cupcake all the way and I love me some Jason O'Mara so I'm sure it'll work.

    Team Morelli!

  3. They're not too bad, but I don't think the Morelli looks Italian-y enough for the burg.

  4. I think it could be the pictures I posted, but with make up and wardrobe, they just might work. I am just worried about Stephanie. For some reason, I never imagined Katherine Heigl looking like that. I did read in an interview with Janet Evanovich that she was very happy with the choice. I always worry about my favorite books as films.

  5. The choices are OK. Let see if the stick to the story.

  6. They should turn into great movies, if they do them right.

  7. I didn't know a movie was in the! The Ranger pic is a maybe but wondering how tall he is. Morelli pic is not at all like the pic in my head. Katherine Heigl is Stepanie? Hmmm... I think she could pull it off, but I wonder if they will have her do an accent. The narrator in the audiobooks doesn't have one and I think it doesn't make a lot of sense for someone growing up in the "burg" not to have a Jersey accent. Now I'm curious who will play Grandma. I need to check this out!


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