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Need a Rockin Read? Check out West of Mars for a Free E Book!

OK, so there is no more Rock of Love, Jersey Shore isn't on yet and The Bachelorette  annoys the heck out of I went over to West of Mars and Susan has a special on The Demo Tapes.  If you haven't checked these out yet, do so immediately!

Here is what Susan is offering:

Yep, boys and girls, it’s time for the Summer Sale over at Smashwords. Which means that once again, I’ve put the two Demo Tapes anthologies on sale — you can get them for free!
Seriously. Free.
Just like I did during Read an E-Book Week. I’m doing it again ’cause I made a lot of new converts to the Trevolution. And with Trevor’s Song finally about to come out (if I ever finish the formatting for Smashwords, and put the ISBN graphic on the back cover of the print version), this is the perfect time to help spread the word.
Here’s the link:
And here’s the Coupon: SW100.
Share the coupon. Spread the love. You know Trevor would!
Also, if you pick up a copy of The Demo Tapes: Year 1 via the Kindle Store, send me your reciept and I’ll send YOU a coupon code for a free download of Year 2 via Two for one! This will run until I say otherwise.
And…I’ve dropped the price on both books over at Smashwords. Go knock yourselves out!
If you haven’t been over to Win a Book yet (or submitted links of your own), you’re missing out on quite a listing of giveaways, guest blog posts by authors (some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t) and other ways to connect yourself with new books. Come join us over there, why don’t you?

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  1. Yeah, but Bret Michael's Life as I Know It showed up on my TiVo the other day. Maybe Bret's back in action (sort of)?

    Anyhoo, thanks SO much for helping spread the word, my friend. You know it means a lot to me!


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