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Sleepless by Cyn Balog (Book Review 2010-97)


Eron DeMarchelle isn't supposed to feel this connection. He is a Sandman, a supernatural being whose purpose is to seduce his human charges to sleep. Though he can communicate with his charges in their dreams, he isn't encouraged to do so. After all, becoming too involved in one human's life could prevent him from helping others get their needed rest.

But he can't deny that he feels something for Julia, a lonely girl with fiery red hair and sad dreams. Just weeks ago, her boyfriend died in a car accident, and Eron can tell that she feels more alone than ever. Eron was human once too, many years ago, and he remembers how it felt to lose the one he loved. In the past, Eron has broken rules to protect Julia, but now, when she seems to need him more than ever, he can't reach her. Eron's time as a Sandman is coming to a close, and his replacement doesn't seem to care about his charges. Worse, Julia is facing dangers she doesn't recognize, and Eron, as he transitions back to being human, may be the only one who can save her. . . .

Even once they've become human again, Sandmen are forbidden to communicate with their charges. But Eron knows he won't be able to forget Julia. Will he risk everything for a chance to be with the girl he loves?

Cyn Balog's follow-up to Fairy Tale has more wit, more supernatural delights, and more star-crossed romance! Teen girls will love this story of a Sandman who falls in love with his human charge.

About the Author

Cyn Balog had a massive case of insomnia while writing Sleepless. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and daughters. Visit her online at


  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (July 13, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 038573848X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0385738484
    SOURCE:  Around the World (Princess Bookie) ARC Tour


    Cyn Balog has quickly become one of my favorite new authors. In her latest retelling of a fairy tale, we get to hear about the Sandman.  Much like the tooth fairy, I grew up on this folk tale about how this person (the Sandmen) spread sand that sends you to sleep.  This is a quick read and the culture of Sandmen (Sandpeople?) is described  and you slip into another world.  Eron makes a wonderful narrator and Julia develops into a good foil for him.  I thought Griffin was a little bit trite for a villain and too overly wrought.  He really needed the stuffing knocked out of him.  I could see he needed to be evil to make the story work, but he only had Julia's love as his redeeming quality.

    That said, this is a nice summer read.  I am not going into plot detail since the story is so short, it would be giving the whole thing away. 


    1. This sounds quite yummy. should check it out.
      Jennifer Perry

    2. I added this one to my TBR and wishlist based on this review. Great one!

    3. Now this looks it belongs on my Summer TBR list. Light, a bit whimsical (apparently?), and short. AND it has a black cover. I love black book covers.

    4. This book has been on my wish list for a while. I'm glad that you liked it so much! I think that the cover is gorgeous.

    5. I haven't heard of this before. Interesting premise. I loved Fairy Tale, so I will probably check this one out too. Great review!
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