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Music Concert Especially For Dogs!

Classical music fans, big dogs, small dogs, dogs dressed up for the occasion and even a 15-year-old arthritic dog, whose owner pushed him in a makeshift dog wheelchair, attended the world's first ever outdoor performance staged for dogs.

Read the rest of the story here:

It's a dog's life — Sydney hosts canine concert - Animal weirdness-


  1. I Just LOVE it! Why would anyone think it would be weird! ;-) I know BJ loves music! I play my guitar for him all the time!

    Thanks for sharing! It's a great story!

  2. How nice!

    I gave you an award...

  3. That sounds like an interesting activity!

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  5. I just love it. I actually purchased to CD's last week for my dog who has severe thunder phobia.

    Classical music for dogs and their owners. Very relaxing.

    It's amazing the affect that music has on our canine friends just like it does on us. It puts my old dog to sleep!

    Great post.


  6. @Suzanne - Schatze doesn't care for the guitar. She runs for cover when my son plays, but it may be just his playing.

    @Yvonne -- I am running way behind on my awards -- I made a note and will get it posted soon.

    @Nan -- I just joined blogfrog and I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

    @Janie -- I usually leave the radio on when I leave Schatze home alone. I don't know if it helps or not with her, but it really helped with Blue.


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