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I'm Baaaack -- Not that I told anyone I was gone!

Oh, and that is the temperature in the shade! 

I went to Lake Mohave in Arizona during the week and had all of my posts on auto!  

Here are the vultures waiting for something to die:

Seriously, those are turkey vultures -- just hanging around.  I also saw a really cute quail family but they moved to fast for me to get a picture. 


  1. Aren't those temps crazy? I was in Palm Springs a few years ago and it was 118.

  2. Is that a special Arizona thermometer?
    Ours only goes to 120 but it goes down to -40.
    Hope you had a good time!

  3. But you know it was a dry heat LOL!

    My nephew said they were there one time in August and the thermometer went all the way to the end of the dial and stuck.

    It is really pretty there.

  4. Post on auto? You so have to tell me how to do that!

  5. I am still getting caught up!
    I will post a note about the auto thing in a second.


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