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You need to know about this book: And the Heart Says Whatever By Emily Gould

Just a quicky note here:

I don't know how I ended up with this book. It just showed up in the mail the other day and it fit right in my purse, so I threw it in.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and pulled it out to read while waiting.  I was so enchanted by it, I wanted the doctor to be late.  No such luck though....I will have a full report on this as soon as I am done. 

I love memoir and personal essays, so this quirky book is right up my alley. 


  1. i love reading memoirs too so i can't wait to read your review of this book!

  2. How exciting that this book just showed up! I also love memoirs!

  3. I love books you can just pop in your purse to pull out when needed!

  4. Sounds great--I am going to check this out on Goodreads....


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