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From Happy Tails Books: You could win a book at their site!

Dog book 
The answer can be found in the Pug book preview posted here. Once you've got it, just fill in your answer on our raffle page to enter our free monthly drawing.

Upcoming Books:
Cats, Assistance Dogs, Great Danes, Beagles, Huskies, Yorkies, Rottweilers, Basset Hounds, Schnauzers, and Border Collies. Have a story about your adopted pet? Send it in!

DOWNLOAD AND SHARE OUR FREE eBOOK ABOUT THE DOG BREEDING INDUSTRY: Highlights include a comparison between reputable breeders, backyard breeders, and puppy mills, adoption information, and tips for socializing distressed and ex-puppy mill dogs. The "Mill Dog Manifesto" is very personal and easy to read.

Send in Your Stories: Beagles, Cats, Border Collies, and Assistance Dogs
The next “Lost Souls: Found!” books we’re working on are about Beagles, Cats, and Border Collies (we're hoping to fit Cockers in soon, too). We’re also collecting stories for a very special book about service dogs and how they enhance the quality of life for the people who need them.
Please help us raise awareness by sending in your stories about your amazing adopted dogs or assistance dogs! 
 Happy Tails Books



  1. Love it--you are a true champion for our four-legged friends, Mary! Kudos to you.....

  2. Hey Mary,
    Thanks for posting! We'll have a sneak preview of the Great Dane book posted in a few weeks, too.


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