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Vampire Wire: Full-length Novel Free Read: THE SHADOW GIRL OF BIRCH GROVE

FROM MARTA ACOSTA author of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula:

I want others to get the chance to read my book, so I posted it as a free read on Scribd last night. Since then, it's been read over 400 times, which is approximately 400 times more than it would have been read otherwise.

Here's a brief summary:
Poor, plain foster teen Jane Williams survives in her gritty world by keeping to the shadows. When she's invited to attend the elite Birch Grove Academy for Girls on a full-scholarship, it sounds too good to be true. She even gets to live on her own in the old groundskeeper's cottage in the middle of a Birch Grove. Everyone is so Jane, especially the elegant and very pale headmistress and her gorgeous sons.
But soon an unknown enemy is threatening Jane and she begins to have questions about the headmistress's family...and another scholarship girl who disappeared. What secrets are people keeping and what's the real reason Jane was invited to this school? What's she willing to give up in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime chance at being forever bound to the academy and the wealthy, powerful family?I hope you'll take the time to read The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove because I put lots of thought and heart into it. Please tell your friends!

Vampire Wire: Full-length Novel Free Read: THE SHADOW GIRL OF BIRCH GROVE

The link above will take you to her blog post about the book. 

She said tell your friends, so go down load this right now! I have loved everything Marta has written so here is an easy way to check out her work!

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  1. I don't know how difficult this is on her end to set up, but what a great tool for an author to use to spread the word about a book!


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