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The Roses are in bloom!

My climbing roses are just starting to open up!  On the right is Sally Holmes and the left -- not quite blooming yet is Eden.

A close up of the Clematis growing in between -- I lost the name.

I had to buy this red one since it is called "Stairway to Heaven".  It is the newest of my roses and hasn't quite filled in all of the way.  It does make for some really great bouquets since you only need a few stems.

This is Joseph's Coat and it would bloom year round here, but I hack it back a lot in January and August.  There is white Clematis on one side and a purple one to the left which hasn't grown in the way I wanted.  In my mind it would completely cover those blank spots on the wall.

YAY -- and Fourth of July which over takes the side of the house.  I need to tie it back up again as it gets top heavy.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. The combination of flowers and color are very artistic. Love these photos

  2. My God, woman. You live in a jungle.

    Get the spare room ready. I'm on my way over!

  3. Susan -- I have cleaned it up a lot. As for the guest room, I expect to gain one when my son officially moves out this year


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