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Hipster Puppies is making a book! Your pupster could be in it! - hipster puppies

Hipster Puppies is making a book! Your pupster could be in it! - hipster puppies

Click on the above link for details....

PLEASE NOTE: I am not the author of this upcoming book. I just love this tumblr blog! This is kinda like I Has a Hot Dog or I Has a Cheeseburger LOL Dogs, but for the overly cool.

But here is a little bit more about the book from HIPSTER PUPPIES:

The patient, valorous heroes at NAL/Penguin have agreed to turn my humble dog blog into an actual, real-life, hold-it-in-your-paws book! For anyone under 25, a “book” is just like a Tumblr, except you can keep it on your toilet tank. The working title of the book is Hipster Puppies—although I’m pushing my publishers really, really hard to call it Slight Rebellion Off Cornish: The Unpublished Short Stories Of J.D. Salinger.

I need all of your best, funniest, cutest, hippest, puppiest puppy pics for Hipster Puppies: The Book!

Start sending them NOW to: You should know that by sending me this photo you are giving me the license to use it in all media and for all purposes. If you have already sent a pup to the old email account, PLEASE feel free to submit it again! Also, if you wish to receive a photo credit, please make that request with your submission and state how the credit should read.


  1. I'm useless until it's promotion time; I'm a cat person.

    But I'd be a lousy friend if I didn't drop in and wish you congratulations on the book deal.

  2. Boy, I better reword that post. I WISH it was me LOL. I am not THAT creative.

  3. Ha! Hipster puppies - how fun!


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