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SXSW -- made it!

YAY -- I made it through the flight from LAX to Austin and it looked like I was on the cool kids bus.  Well, if you thought the kids in math class and band were the cool kids.  Otherwise, it was a giant planeful of music type people.  I felt sorry for the one couple who look liked they were just going home and stepped into some alternate universe. 

So far, I saw an interview with Cheap Trick -- Robin Zander is still dreamy.  OK, that ages me right there!

Lemmy from Motorhead was quite entertaining.  I have no idea what I am doing tonight.  There are too many choices.


  1. You have been awarded with a blog award! Take a peek:

    Congrats for your beautiful blog!
    ~ Bethany x

  2. Are you aware of the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference this weekend?

  3. Thanks Bethany :)

    I am behind with everything, I will get the award posted asap. Note little asap since I behind...

    I know about the blogger conference and bummed that I can't attend. I hope it happens again next year.


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