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20 QUESTIONS WITH APRIL AND GRACIE - win a bookmark too!

Today, we have April and Gracie, who live with Leslie and her blog Storey Book Reviews.

Read through the interview and then enter to win an adorable puppy book mark!

1. What breed(s) are you?
A - I am a terrier/???? mix. mommy thinks maybe some Corgi but we really aren't sure
G - I am a dachshund/black lab mix and yes I am too cute for words, and smart too!

2. Favorite place to sleep?
G - on the back of the chair in the living room, this way I'm up high and can see everything
A - on any pillow I can find whether it be the sofa pillow, or a pillow sham in the guest rooms.

3. Favorite food?
A & G - anything that doesn't move! we especially like it when mommy gives us fresh veggies while she is making salad, they are crunchy

4. How did you find your home?
A & G - mommy & daddy adopted us from the Humane Society of North Texas.
G - I was adopted first, can't believe someone didn't want a dog as smart as me!
A - I was adopted a little later as a playmate for Gracie. I was found on the street and they don't think that I ever had a home

5. Favorite thing to chew?
A & G - every morning we get a rawhide to chew on while mommy gets ready for work. At night it is a Greenie and in between it is our nylabone

6. Indoors or Outdoors?
G - indoors all the way!
A - indoors is nice but I would love to be outside running around and investigating everything!

7. Are you embarrassed by dog outfits?
A & G - we don't mind a bandanna after being bathed but not sure on the whole sweater situation!

8. Dog Trainers: Friend or Foe?
G - if they will give me a treat for doing anything then they are my friend!
A - it depends....would rather not be around a dog trainer but will if I have to...the treats are nice

9. Hair cuts or the natural look?
A & G - natural look all the way...but then our fur is too short to be cut

10. Do you like baths?
A - NO! if i can jump out without mommy looking, I'll do it!
G - I tolerate them because I like being dried off and the rubdown I receive

11. Favorite place to watch your territory from?
A - I guard my house from all over and if I can look out the window at the same time, even better
G - I wait for April to alert me that something is going on and then I join in on the barking

12. What cute thing do you do for a treat?
G - roll over and over and over and over
A - it is what mommy calls "sitting pretty". I sit up on my back legs

13. What most do you like to bark at?
A - everything from the mailman to the garbage man to people walking down MY street to squirrels
G - whatever April is barking at

14. Cats: Take them or leave them?
A - cats don't belong on this planet and it is my mission to take them all out
G - eh, I just ignore them

15. Would you chase a squirrel right now if you could?
A - most definitely
G - no, it might interfere with my nap

16. If you catch something, what do you do with it?
A - I'm not sure, I don't think I've caught anything yet because mommy won't let me
G - oh please, I'm not going to catch anything, you don't know where it has been!

17. World domination or too much work?
G - way too much work, give me food and a walk now and then and I'm good
A - I'm ready to take over the world! or at least my street

18. Do you prefer to walk or go for a car ride?
A - BOTH! but definitely walk unless the car ride is to the dog park where I can run around
G - usually the car ride, but short walks are ok

19. If you could do one thing right now, what would it be?
A - get mommy to stop typing and pet me!
G - jump in daddy's lap and drink out of his wine glass (not that he would let me)

20. What book would like to chew the cover off?
A & G - The Dangerous Book for Dogs - because it is so good and all about us!

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  2. Love the 20 questions with the dogs! They are adorable. I've got a beagle who probably wants world domination, but too busy napping to try!

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