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Dog Bling....Earrings for Dogs...Why?

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this one.  Why would anyone want to put little crystals on their dogs ears? I just kept thinking, what if the dog swallowed one?


  1. I was in B. Hills last Christmas-and this group had two two poodles-dyed pink and blue-with ribbons in their hair, their nails painted-and I was concerned that they may have altered their voice box so they could not bark. They are dogs not toys. If you want a toy go buy one-if you want to dress them up and go to the salon then book a day for yourself. Have you ever gone to saks at South Coast-you see people shopping there with their dogs in a stroller.

    I always park in the Saks parking lot as it is usually empty-no i am not a BH and Saks shopper-far from it-give me J. Crew

  2. That's just creepy - I hope no dogs swallow them.

  3. What on Earth?! The word 'ridiculous' comes to mind.

  4. OOHHH -- dogs in strollers, that is another thing I don't get. I don't think I can contain myself when I see people doing things like that to dogs. I stay away from South Coast Plaza LOL...too nuts, although it is fun to people watch.

  5. Wow....I have not seen this one:) I am thinkin the same thing what if they was to swallow one....Well all i can say is my babies won't be wearing any of those:))lol
    Have a great evening!


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