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Another fun 20 Questions, this time with the authors of The Silent Gift.  I truly loved this one.  It made me cry, but then aren't some books supposed to? 

Michael Landon Jr is ML and Cindy Kelly is CK, so you get two authors for the price of one! 

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1. Bookmarks or dog ears? (CK)Dog ears – (ML) Both

2. Dust jacket on or off when reading a hard back? On

3. Favorite author? (CK) Ray Bradbury -- Charles Dickens & Feodor Dostoevsky (ML)

4. Favorite genre’? don’t have one

5. What is the best book you have read in the last year? (CK) The Glass Castle -- The Book Thief (ML)

6. What book would you most like to see made into a movie? (CK) The Book Thief – The Silent Gift (ML)

7. If you could only take one book with you to a desert island, which would you bring? The Bible – Ditto (I’d need it!)

8. What book have you read that you think is overrated? Her Fearful Symmetry

9. What are you reading right now? Absolute Power by Vince Flynn – Walking East to West: God in the Shadows by Ravi Zacharias

10. What is the last book you bought? (CK) The Lovely Bones -- God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? (ML)

11. What is the last book you received in the mail? The Silent Gift

12. What is the number of books you own? At least three hundred

13. What is the first book you remember reading by yourself as a child? Freckles – don’t remember

14. Do you have a favorite place to read? Big leather chair, lounge chair in bedroom

15. Pop, rock, jazz or classical music? (CK) Classical – Film scores (ML)

16. Does music help or hinder when you write? helps

17. Do you have a pet? If so, please name them. Two dogs. (CK) Haylee and Randal – two dogs Atticus and Rowan

18. Do you garden? If so, flower or vegetable? (CK) Flower – I pay (ML)

19. What one thing would you save in a fire (other than people or animals)? (CK) Oil paintings of my kids – videos and pics of family (ML)

20. What makes you cringe? (CK) Rude people -- Me (ML)
Be sure to stop by your favorite book seller and pick up this book today.  It would also make a perfect Christmas gift.


  1. I am going to come back to play also. The book does sound good.

  2. I enjoy 20 questions, it's surprising what you can actually learn about someone. :) For example, I was amazed that Cindy loves Ray Bradbury. He is one of my favorite authors too. Nice post!

  3. I would love to read this.


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